Best Accessories for HomePod iMore 2020

Apple's HomePod is a high-end speaker, but also so much more. Do you want to accessorize the HomePod itself? Or would you like to take full advantage of HomePod's connection with HomeKit? Either way, there are a plethora of excellent accessories out there. Here are some of the best available.

Make anything "smart": Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Staff Favorite

Plug just about anything into this smart plug and turn it into a smart appliance. Set your lamps, fans, and more to turn on and off even when you're not home. Once it's set up, a couple of words to your HomePod is all you need to control it.

$35 at Amazon

Protect HomePod on the go: Hermitshell Travel Case

If you travel with your HomePod, some protective case is a must. This hardshell case is a perfect fit for your HomePod plus the cord. It comes in Black and Silver, plus there is an option for a should strap for a couple more dollars.

$15 at Amazon

Anti-dust cover: TXEsign HomePod Cover

Protect your HomePod from dust and scratches, plus add some color with this elastic fabric cover. It won't interfere with your enjoyment of the music. It also comes in seven attractive colors.

$10 at Amazon

Control the temperature: ecobee Smart Thermostat

With this smart thermostat installed in your home and connected to HomeKit, you can control the temperature in your home by talking to your HomePod. You can also check on the temperature in the rooms in your home using the included remote sensor.

$249 at Amazon

Home security: August Smart Lock Pro

There are several reasons to add an August Smart Lock to your home. You can enter your own home without a key, track usage, and give a guest temporary access to your home by changing the password. Set it up with HomeKit, and you can ensure that your door is locked as you head out the door.

$167 at Amazon

Control the lights: Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit

Control a single lamp or get a bunch of smart bulbs and control the lighting of your whole home. Set "scenes" in HomeKit and control them by telling your HomePod how you want your home lit. This two-pack will get you started with the bulbs and the Hue hub.

$70 at Amazon

Simple coaster: LANMU HomePod Stand

This is basically just an inexpensive silicone coaster, and that may be all you need to absorb some of the HomePod's vibrations and protect your table surface. It also comes with a screen protector film for the top of the HomePod. Choose from Black or White.

$9 at Amazon

Sittin' Sideways: WAWAHA HomePod Stand

The WAWAHA HomePod Stand makes your HomePod stand out with its unique sideways orientation. Don't worry about your investment rolling out, though, as this stand has an enclosure ring to keep it safe and secure.

$26 at Amazon

Mount it on the wall: oGoDeal Wall Mount HomePod Stand

Wall mount your HomePod with this aluminum alloy stand. The design is simple, but it's customized specifically for HomePod. A ring around the middle holds your HomePod securely in place on the stand.

$24 at Amazon

Convenient accessories

If you're not sure where to start, or if you're looking for a gift, I'd go for the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. It offers the most flexibility and functionality, plus just about anyone who has a smartphone can find a good use case for it.

Worried about your HomePod staining the delicate surface it rests on? Then the LANMU HomePod Stand is the one for you. This low price stand keeps protection simple by lifting your HomePod up slightly, plus it blends in with your HomePod's color, keeping the focus on that sleek Apple design.

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