Best AirTag wallets in 2023

AirTags have become the standard method for making any object virtually un-losable, and what could be more important to track than your wallet? There are several ways to track a wallet with AirTag, although we don't suggest stuffing it haphazardly into a credit card pocket. The most effective way is to buy a wallet with a built-in AirTag Pocket or insert your AirTag into a card-shaped AirTag case. These are the best AirTag wallets and AirTag wallet cards we've seen on the interweb, at great prices ahead of the Black Friday sales.

Best AirTag wallets 2022

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The unlosable wallet

An AirTag wallet is the ideal accessory for AirTag. Never lose your wallet or forget it in the Uber again. With an AirTag securely tucked inside, it will be virtually un-losable. My favorite is the Geometric Goods Billfold Wallet because it hides the AirTag completely inside a secret compartment like some classic spy movie.

On the other hand, an AirTag card is a great way to slip an AirTag inside any wallet. The Spigen Air Fit AirTag Wallet Card also has a detachable carabiner in case you need to clip it onto your possessions instead. Any of the AirTag wallets on this list would serve its purpose well; you'll just have to decide which one works best for you.

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