Best Alternatives to Apple HomePod in 2022

Sonos one
Sonos one (Image credit: iMore)

If you like the HomePod, but don't like its price tag, or are looking for something with more options, these smart speakers are the best in their class. They all have virtual assistant support for Alexa or Google, and in some cases, Siri, and all support direct music streaming services.

Sounds good

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Though nothing can come close to the deeply integrated HomePod when it comes to the Apple ecosystem, not everyone is so entrenched. There are plenty of alternatives to Apple's home audio solution, including those that have Amazon's Alexa, and the Google Assistant on-board, plus AirPlay 2 speakers can work directly with Siri.

If you like the idea of the HomePod, but want more music streaming options at a lower price, then the Sonos One (opens in new tab) fits the bill. It's got great sound quality and better streaming music service support. Plus, it works with AirPlay 2 (and therefore Siri).

Want a great sounding speaker with Alexa built right in? The Echo Studio (opens in new tab) from Amazon brings the noise with five individual speakers packed into its compact frame. This speaker sports all of the same smarts as the other Echo devices, including skills, plus it supports Dolby Atmos, which can take your next movie night to the next level.

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