Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver for your Home Stereo or Speaker iMore 2022

Bluetooth receivers connect your mobile devices to your home's audio systems, including speakers, stereos, surround sound systems, and headsets. This lets you jam to your favorite playlist all over the house using high-quality sound without having to bring your phone along. The best Bluetooth receivers have a long wireless connection range and let you connect more than one device at a time. Here is our round-up of some of the best.


Top Pick: Denon Professional DN-200BR

Staff Pick

This Bluetooth receiver work with any audio system, including home stereos, surround sound systems, amplifiers, and mixers.

$96 from Amazon
esinkin receiver

Budget Pick: Esinkin Bluetooth Wireless Receiver

This budget-friendly receiver connects Bluetooth enables devices to audio systems, speaks, and headphones.

$24 from Amazon
long range

Long Range: Auris Blume HD Bluetooth Receiver

Using wireless technology, this receiver has a 100-foot range. It works through walls while still streaming high-quality audio.

$119 from Amazon
5 receiver

Dual Connections: Boltune Bluetooth 5.0

This receiver lets you stream music from your phone to two speakers or headphones simultaneously. It also has a transmitter.

$50 from Amazon
audio adapter

Speaker Receiver: Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adaptor

The Logitech audio adaptor lets you connect your mobile devices via Bluetooth to any speakers, including surround sound systems.

$21 from Amazon
hands free

Wireless Receiver: AUKEY Hands Free

The voice activation feature of this Bluetooth receiver lets you start and stop music and answer phone calls, hands-free.

$15 from Amazon

2-in-1: Anker SoundSync A3341

The Anker SoundSync is both a Bluetooth receiver and a transmitter. It allows two devices to connect at once in either mode.

$40 from Amazon
bluetooth receiver

Compact Design: TaoTronics Bluetooth Audio Adapter

The compact design of this receiver makes it easy to bring and use in your car, but it also works with home speakers and headsets.

$32 from Amazon
b06 plus

Surround Sound: 1Mii B06 Plus

This wireless audio adapter transmits high definition sound, including 3D sound, regardless of the device it's connected to.

$28 from Amazon

Portable Receiver: Mpow Steambot

This Bluetooth receiver is compatible with home stereo systems, speakers, headphones, and earbuds. It also works with car stereos.

$17 from Amazon

Here's what we recommend

We chose the Denon Professional DN-200BR as the best Bluetooth receiver because of its versatility and professional quality. This receiver connects to old stereos and speakers without a problem and works with amplifiers and mixers. The Denon receives signals wirelessly from over 108 feet away and has no problems working through walls.

Another good option is the Anker SoundSync. The SoundSync lets you connect two devices at once so long as they are the same type of device, like two speakers or two headphones. It works with home stereo systems and includes a Bluetooth transmitter.

The Mpow Steambot portable receiver works with both home and car stereos. It connects with your mobile device to allow hands-free calling, Siri assistance, and GPS navigation. You can pair two Bluetooth devices at once, and it has 10-hour battery life.

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