We are far from seeing all games with cross-compatibility across the board. However, there are a handful of Nintendo Switch titles that are playable between Switch, Xbox, and PC. Let's take a brief look at which titles currently support cross-platform play.

Rocket League

One of the most significant titles to support cross-platform play is Rocket League. You can now pilot your rocket-powered battle car in fast-paced soccer matches with friends who play the game on both PC and Xbox. If you're playing Rocket League on Switch you are no longer on a gaming island. You can pick up the collector's edition for $40.

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Mantis Burn Racing

Let's jump from one car based game to another. Mantis Burn Racing is a top-down racing game with multiple vehicle classes and many different racing events. You can even customize your car as your progress. If you are looking for a modern-day version of Super Sprint to cross play with friends on Xbox or PC then you should check this title out. It can be yours for $20.

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Chess Ultra

It may not be the most heart-pounding title available for cross play on the switch but it if you like playing chess digitally then Chess Ultra is a great option for Switch owners. With crossplay, you can test your chess skills against other players on PC. Get it for $13.

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Pinball FX 3

I am a huge pinball fan but most of my flipping and nudging happens in the real world. For pinball fans who don't have a lot of machines in their general vicinity, Pinball FX 3 is a great option. They have a large library of various pinball tables based on popular franchises. You can also get a game going with your friends who play on PC or Xbox. The best part is that it's free to download.

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What games would you like to see support cross-play?

Currently, there is a minimal amount of titles available that utilize crossplay. However, hopefully, we see that change in the future. There is supposed to be a cross-play version of Minecraft coming our way sometime in 2018. The ability to play with friends on other devices is something that gamers have wanted for a long time. Consoles have lived in their private walled gardens for long enough. Let's hope Nintendo keeps listening.

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