Best HomeKit Flood Light Bulbs iMore 2022

When it comes to home lighting, one of the best things that you can do, inside and out, is install flood light bulbs. With floodlights, you are brightening up and securing your homes even further. But when you are looking for smart flood light bulbs for the outside of your home, there are numerous factors to consider: weather resistance, brightness, color temperatures, and connectivity. It's hard to choose, but here are what we consider the best HomeKit flood light bulbs that you can purchase right now.

Feit BR30 Light bulb on a white background

Cost effective: Feit BR30 LED Smart Bulb

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Feit's LED Smart Bulb offers HomeKit and Siri control at the lowest price around. The low price doesn't mean this bulb is low quality, though, as it is capable of outputting 650 lumens of brightness, and supports dimming. This bulb also uses Bluetooth for a direct to HomeKit connection, saving you money as an additional hub is not necessary to make the smart home magic happen.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance BR30 light bulb on a white background

Clear choice: Philips Hue 530160 BR30 Smart Light Bulb

The latest Philips Hue BR30 bulb offers a rare mix of connectivity options, with both Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless radios built right in. Having both options allows the bulbs to work right out of the box with your phone, and it can also work with the Philips Hue Hub for expanded coverage, faster response, and out of home control. Being a Hue bulb, its color and white reproduction are, as you would expect, fantastic, making this a solid option.

Sylvania Smart+ BR30 light bulb shining multiple colors on a white background

Direct color: Sylvania General Lighting 74988 Smart+ BR30 LED Bulb

The Sylvania Smart+ Full Color BR30 uses Bluetooth connectivity to pair directly to HomeKit, without the need of an additional hub. This direct connection also means that it is incredibly easy to set up. Just screw the bulb in, scan the HomeKit code, and you are ready to go. This bulb's 16 million colors and 800 lumens of brightness also make it no slouch when compared to others.

C by GE Tunable White BR30 light bulb on a white background

Tuned in: C by GE Tunable White BR30

As its name suggests, the C by GE Tunable White BR30 gives you the ability to customize its color temperature. Tuning works via an app, and it can adjust the light output from warm ambers at 2,000K up to crisp blue at 7,000K. These adjustments allow you to set the perfect temperature for the time of day, with energizing blues during the day, to softer whites to help calm you down in the evening.

Philips Hue White PAR38 light bulb on a white background

Par for the course: Philips Hue White Outdoor PAR38 13W Smart Bulbs

The Philips Hue White PAR38 has the distinction of being the only HomeKit bulb option in its size class. Thankfully, though, this bulb checks all of the boxes, with extreme brightness levels reaching 1,300 lumens, full dimming, and outdoor weather resistance. Philips also has one of the best warranties around with three years of coverage, protecting your investment for years to come.

C by GE Full Color BR30 light bulb on a white background

C the colors: C by GE Full Color BR30

The C by GE Full Color BR30 provides millions of vibrant colors, as well as adjustable white light. This bulb isn't the brightest around coming in at just 700 lumens, but it does support dimming and color temperature tuning. This mid-range light bulb also has a mid-range price tag to match, which helps when you need more than one bulb.

Sylvania Smart+ Soft White BR30 light bulb on a white background

Soft and bright: Sylvania General Lighting 74987 Smart+ BR30 LED Bulb

Sylvania's Smart+ Soft White BR30 bulb gives off a bright warm white that is great for most settings. The Soft White version can reach up to 800 lumens of brightness, and its warm light sits within the lower end of the color temperature spectrum at 2,700K. Built-in Bluetooth integrates directly to HomeKit, without the use of servers or the cloud, making controls available without an internet connection.

Philips Hue White Ambiance BR30 light bulb on a white background

More than a bulb: Philips Hue White Ambiance BR30 60W Equivalent Dimmable LED Smart Flood Light

When you buy a Philips Hue light bulb, you are also buying into a large and robust ecosystem filled with apps and accessories. The White Ambiance BR30 fits right in alongside any other bulbs that you may already have, adding adjustable white light to your scenes and recipes. This bulb also pairs directly with Hue remotes or buttons, giving you tactile control where you need it the most.

Best HomeKit Flood Light Bulbs: Flooded with light

Replacing your BR30 or PAR38 light bulbs with the best HomeKit flood light bulbs is a great way to bring modern features to fixtures that are frequently overlooked. Whether it's indoors or out, HomeKit integration allows these bulbs to work with scenes, and powerful automations can turn them on and off automatically throughout the day.

Need to replace multiple bulbs, but want to keep costs down? Then check out the Feit LED Smart Bulb. This 650 lumen, all-white bulb is the cheapest option around, and it doesn't require an additional hub, making the cost of entry even lower. Another good option to consider is the Philips Hue 530160 BR30 Smart Light Bulb, especially if you want options when it comes to connectivity. It has both Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless radios built-in, so you don't necessarily need the hub (though it helps for better coverage and faster response). But no matter which option you choose, Siri and HomeKit will be a tap or shout away with these best HomeKit flood light bulbs, giving you convenience and control anytime and anywhere.

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