Best HomeKit Flood Light Bulbs 2022

Two Philips Hue PAR38 light bulbs in an outdoor fixture shining downward
Two Philips Hue PAR38 light bulbs in an outdoor fixture shining downward (Image credit: Signify)

When it comes to home lighting, one of the best things that you can do, inside and out, is install flood light bulbs. With floodlights, you are brightening up and securing your homes even further. But when you are looking for smart flood light bulbs for the outside of your home, there are numerous factors to consider: weather resistance, brightness, color temperatures, and connectivity. It's hard to choose, but here are what we consider the best HomeKit flood light bulbs that you can purchase right now.

Best HomeKit Flood Light Bulbs: Flooded with light

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Replacing your BR30 or PAR38 light bulbs with the best HomeKit flood light bulbs is a great way to bring modern features to fixtures that are frequently overlooked. Whether it's indoors or out, HomeKit integration allows these bulbs to work with scenes, and powerful automations can turn them on and off automatically throughout the day.

Need to replace multiple bulbs, but want to keep costs down? Then check out the Feit LED Smart Bulb (opens in new tab). This 650 lumen, all-white bulb is the cheapest option around, and it doesn't require an additional hub, making the cost of entry even lower. Another good option to consider is the Philips Hue 530160 BR30 Smart Light Bulb (opens in new tab), especially if you want options when it comes to connectivity. It has both Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless radios built-in, so you don't necessarily need the hub (though it helps for better coverage and faster response). But no matter which option you choose, Siri and HomeKit will be a tap or shout away with these best HomeKit flood light bulbs, giving you convenience and control anytime and anywhere.

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