Best HomeKit light bulbs to use for your home in 2024

The best HomeKit light bulbs can give your home a whole new look and are fundamental to any smart home. For many, smart light bulbs are the first smart home accessory they ever buy and that's why it's important to make sure you buy the right ones. 

HomeKit-compatible light bulbs allow you to control your lights using an iPhone, an iPad, or even an Apple Watch — you'll want to kit out your whole home as soon as you buy your first batch of smart light bulbs. It's addictive, you've been warned.

Smart light bulbs are some of the cheapest HomeKit accessories out there, so they are a perfect gateway into the world of smart home technology. So whether you're buying your first light bulb or your thirtieth, the options below are the best HomeKit light bulbs on the market.

Once you've picked some light bulbs, check out our guide for the best HomeKit light strips, the best HomeKit hubs, and the best HomeKit devices to smarten up your home.

Quick List


The best HomeKit light bulbs are ideal for smart home beginners as they're one of the quickest ways to upgrade and expand your smart home with very little cost or commitment. They're incredibly simple to use and once installed, you can just use Siri or your iPhone to turn your lights on or off. That goes for no matter where you are in the house too, so it's very flexible.

From there, you can get more creative with your HomeKit setup. That could mean adding on one of the best HomeKit cameras, or using one of the best HomeKit air quality sensors to ensure your home has the cleanest air possible. For bigger projects, there are always the best HomeKit security systems too.

In all cases, including the best HomeKit light bulbs, they will all work with the Home App. You can use it to create scenes and have the lights do certain things when certain parameters are met. For instance, you could schedule the hall light to come on after you unlock the door via one of the best HomeKit door locks.

What should you look for in a HomeKit lightbulb? 

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When buying smart light bulbs, it's important to consider compatibility. All the smart bulbs in this guide are compatible with Apple's HomeKit, but if you're looking for alternatives, you need to check they work with your current setup.

Matter compatibility is particularly useful. It's the new standard for smart home devices and it's backed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and many other big names. Matter is designed to increase interoperability between smart home devices across platforms. That means any accessory you buy with the Matter logo will be platform agnostic so if you ever want to switch away from HomeKit, you can. 

It's also important to think about what features you need most. Some people may only need a smart light bulb with simple white and yellow shades of light, while others may prefer one with millions of color. Predictably, the more features means the more expensive the light bulb, so think about what your priorities are.

Our recommendations

If you want the best smart light bulb on the market, the Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bulb is the one for you. This smart bulb has an incredible 1,100 lumens of brightness and can display millions of colors. The LED bulb utilizes Thread networking technology which offers lightning-fast response times and excellent reliability.

It's ideal to go alongside any HomePod 2, HomePod mini or the latest Apple TV 4K in your home.

If you want to add smart capabilities without losing the vintage charm of a filament bulb, there's always Sylvania's gorgeous Smart+ bulbs. They provide the cool filament look while also offering Bluetooth fucntionalriy, so there's no need for a separate hub.

Whichever smart light bulb you go for, consider adding on a HomeKit light switch so you don't have to worry about wires or anything more than what you're already used to. While you're planning how to spruce up your home, consider adding on one of the best HomeKit ceiling fans. With the right set of shortcuts, you could even have it start the moment you turn a light on.

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