Eloise Hero Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: iMore

One of the draws of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to completely customize an island to your vision. You can change the layout of your island, the style of homes, and make custom designs for clothes, furniture, and even wallpaper. The Happy Home Paradise DLC takes it even further, allowing you to create custom vacation homes for villagers without having to find, craft, or purchase items separately.

For many players, this opens a new creative outlet, and the results of these vacation islands are truly stunning. I have searched through shared designs on Twitter and Reddit to find my favorites. Here are my top picks for best islands so far.

Ankha's gold palace

Ankhas Gold Palace Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @AlphariousFox17 on Reddit

Egyptian queen, Ankha, loves to be surrounded by gold. Reddit user AlphariousFox17 really did right by her in this beautifully adorned bedroom. With wall décor, ceiling fixtures, and gold in every corner, this is a truly magnificent design that gives us all the right vibes for this villager.

Cally's laundrobar

Callys Laundrobar Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @sudosussudio on Reddit

This laundromat is far from your basic boring wash and dry station. Who says laundry can't be fun? I love the unique twist Reddit user sudosussudio came up with of adding a bar to the laundromat. This shows how adding something outside the box can make for an extra fun design.

Cleo's purple paradise

Cleos Purple Paradise Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @StarsnBlvds on Reddit

The use of the partition wall to create a classy and relaxing bed/bath combo for Cleo here works wonderfully. The hint of color with the purple accent wall paired with the white walls, tiles, and furniture gives this a very clean and cozy look created by Reddit user StarsnBlvds.

Green oasis academy

Green Oasis Academy Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @jxnnybxii88 on Reddit

Houses aren't the only thing you get to design in the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Among other options is the classroom. Adding their own flair to the usual classroom layout, Reddit user jxnnybxii88 created a plant-based school! Plant lovers will love all the ways greenery is spread throughout the room to spruce up the place.

Maddie's stylish streamer estate

Maddie Stylish Streamer Estate Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @Kaleri_ on Twitter

A beautiful set for all types of streams! This space is very well thought out, from the green screen walls to the split couch recording and PC recording spaces. The wall the camera is filming is well decorated with wall hangings that are cute without being distracting and the equipment makes it all look very professional. Needless to say, Twitter user @Kaleri_ set up the perfect space.

Maggie's treehouse

Maggies Treehouse Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @jxnnybxii88 on Reddit

This treehouse design for the adorable pig Maggie is accented with a great blend of wooden, roped, and plant-like features. The vines and leaves hanging from the ceiling in this treehouse give off Tarzan vibes. The hammock instead of a bed is my favorite furniture detail Reddit user jxnnybxii88 added.

Maple's bear bungalow

Maples Bear Bungalow Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @Miss-Stunshine on Reddit

Reddit user Miss-Stunshine created a very cozy cabin-style home for Maple that has just a touch of bear. She brought together floral design, green, tan, and white tones, and wooden accents in a beautiful way that is seamlessly blended.

Pango's spa

Pangos Spa Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @zeSulv on Reddit

Rooms like this make us wish we could go on vacation to these islands in real life. Pango's spa by Reddit user zeSulv has that relaxing, clean look you'd want from a top-quality spa. The partitions for privacy on the massage table to separate the desk space is an alluring way to make the most of a small space.

Skye's art exhibit

Skyes Art Exhibit Happy Home Paradise AcnhSource: @kyogre_c on Twitter

Art is alive in all forms in Skye's art exhibit by Twitter user @kyogre_c. Paintings, sculptures, and the home itself are beautifully displayed. The partition wall is a clever way to separate the paintings on display from the sculptures and the accent wall pattern used for the hanging pieces goes wonderfully with the windows and chandeliers.

Stella's pink home

I'm personally not a fan of the color pink, but you can't choose what the client wants, and there's no denying the brilliance that went into creating such a cohesive space filled largely with a single color. Reddit user @zeSulv created an entire home's worth of rooms just by using partition walls, accent walls, and splitting up the flooring perfectly. The use of some white accents and plants breaks up the pink color and adds some great dimension to the design of these rooms.

Keep creating!

There are so many players enjoying the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC and doing great things with it. It's great to have this creative outlet on the island without the grind for when players start to feel a little drained. Get inspired by these islands and get to creating your own!