Best laptop bags for MacBook Pro 2024: 13 to 16-inch models

MacBook Pro backpacks are the healthiest way to carry your computer and accessories for your back. With straps on both shoulders, the laptop's weight and anything else you're carrying is distributed properly to avoid back pain. I refuse to carry a computer any other way. My back just won't tolerate it. The best backpacks for your MacBook Pro of all sizes, right up to the 16-inch model will have a padded compartment for your laptop as well as other compartments for everything else you need to carry. Here are the best MacBook Pro bags; they will also fit just about any similarly-sized laptop.

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Which one should you pick?

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Choosing from all of the MacBook Pro backpacks isn't easy, but there is something for every MacBook Pro owner (whether you have the Apple silicon M1 chip MacBook Pro or another model) on this list. Whether you're looking for something inexpensive but functional, or something more high-end, you're covered. Keep in mind that even if accessory companies don't specify, a backpack designed to fit the 15-inch MacBook Pro should fit the 16-inch MacBook Pro because the dimensions are not very different. The 16-inch Macbook Pro measures just about a third of an inch wider and a quarter-inch deeper. The difference in thickness is marginal.

My personal favorite of all the MacBook Pro backpacks is Bellroy's Classic Backpack for its non-bulky form factor, padded laptop compartment, and comfort. I use this bag anytime I need to move my MacBook Pro from one place to another, and I don't need to carry a ton of other stuff. I've brought it on airplanes, and it fits under the seat in front of me, even on the most budget airlines. Most importantly, it distributes the weight of my MacBook Pro, so I don't end up with a backache.

If budget is a big consideration, I'd go for the MATEIN Travel Backpack. It has everything you need in a backpack for your precious MacBook Pro. It comes in two sizes, one which holds up to a 15-inch laptop, and one for up to a 17-inch laptop. You can choose from a wide variety of colors. It has lots of compartments and pockets to organize and carry all of your stuff. It's made for comfort and has a luggage strap for convenience when traveling. There's a USB charger on the outside and a charging cable inside. So, connect it to your battery pack and charge your iPhone on-the-go.

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