Best lenses and lens kits for shooting video on your iPhone

Filming with a DSLR is a great way to produce smooth, professional looking video, but what if you can't afford a big, fancy camera, or just don't like shooting with one?

iPhone lenses are a great way to capture the world around you with vivid, detailed videos! Here are a few options to consider when you're picking out a lens for your iPhoneography video needs.



The SNAP ! PRO is a really amazing option if you're looking for an iPhoneography case to shoot video with (for a couple'a reasons!):

  1. It's quick to snap onto your iPhone and the lenses take a few seconds to screw on.

  2. It's secure and well-made, so if you're clumsy and drop it from not very high up, it'll survive (plus it comes with a stylish leather wrist strap).

  3. The lenses capture incredibly vibrant images and video and there are six to choose from.

  4. … It's just an amazing quality case!

While some iPhoneography cases require you to simply clip lenses on with a sort of alligator clip-esque attachment, this isn't always the most ideal for shooting video as you're probably going to be moving your iPhone around a lot. The SNAP ! PRO is great because it fits your iPhone securely with an additional rubber protector that runs throughout the case.

The SNAP ! PRO is also a great case for shooting video because it essentially turns your iPhone into a point-and-shoot camera. The grips that come with the case are either a stylish dark wood (or a light wood if you go with the white case), or a hard plastic with a tripod thread at the bottom, making it perfect for steady shots, while the camera button is great for not only capturing video, but shooting for social media apps like Snapchat, too.

With the SNAP ! PRO, you have six lens options to pick from, including the wide angle + macro lens, telephoto lens, fisheye + macro lens, circular polarizer filter, ultra wide angle + macro lens, and the full frame fisheye.

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Olloclip 4-in-1 lens

Olloclip 4-in-1 lens

Simply slide, aim, angle, and begin recording with the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens; a powerful little iPhoneography tool that works hand-in-hand with your iPhone's pro camera.

The Olloclip is a super convenient tool that actually incorporates four lenses into one small, secure package. On either side of the clip are two lenses, a high-powered fisheye and a clear-shooting wide angle lens. When you unscrew those upper pieces, two macro lenses – one 10x macro and one 15x macro – are underneath and ready to go for filming.

While most lenses that clip or slide on aren't the best for shooting video because they protrude quite far from the iPhone, the Olloclip actually slides to secure firmly onto your phone. In order to change the lenses, simply flip the Olloclip around or unscrew the upper lenses to switch things up.

Unfortunately, the Olloclip cannot be used with most bulky iPhone cases, and even very thin cases can stop the clip from fitting over your iPhone, so it's best to try shooting with a bare device. If shooting video without a case seems scary to you (and I don't blame you if that freaks you out!) then check out the Olloclip Studio for a truly professional looking iPhone rig.

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iOgrapher Quick Start Kit

iOgrapher Quick Start Kit

While more of a full on rig rather than a basic iPhoneography video case, the iOgrapher Quick Start Kit is the closest thing you'll get to shooting with a DSLR or professional camera.

With the kit, you get the iOgrapher Filmmaking case, a wide-angle & telephoto lens, a Rode microphone, a Rode SC7 adapter, and a Manfrotto LED light. With all these tools, you won't just capture beautiful footage, but also crystal clear sound, phenomenal lighting, and steady, creative angles.

The iOgrapher case itself comes with two grips on either side of it, making it super easy to capture fluid, even shots if you're moving a lot while filming. If you want to film a still shot, you can always set up your iOgrapher case on a tripod, as the case comes with a tripod thread at the bottom.

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Moment Lens

Moment Lens

With the Moment case and lenses, you can capture stunning video and crisp, clear shots all with your iPhone! Simply secure your favorite lens to your Moment case or mounting plate and hit record.

Moment iPhoneography products are unique in the sense that they don't only take vivid images and video, they also look and function as high-quality, stylish iPhone cases. You can pick from a bright white/black contrast, a textured black style, or a modern looking walnut accent.

The case itself comes with a slightly raised base, so you can grip iPhone a little bit better to get steadier shots. Similar to the SNAP ! PRO case, the Moment case comes with a shutter button, turning your iPhone into a handy point-and-shoot camera. You can also pick up an incredibly stylish leather wrist strap to go with your case for some extra security.

While Moment's cases sit around $50 to $70, the real money you'll be spending is on their lenses, which go for $100. You only have three options to choose from: wide angle, telephoto, and macro, but these three options capture some really amazing looking video.

If you're worried about breaking the bank with the case plus the lenses, Moment has designed a lens mounting plate that comes in the box with every lens you order (or you could order one separately for $9.99).

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iPro Lens Trio System Kit

iPro Lens Trio System Kit

Sturdy case? Check! Macro, super wide-angle and 2x telephoto lenses? Check! A secure, portable handle that helps steady every shot and keeps your footage even? Check!

The iPro Lens Trio System kit attaches to your iPhone to turn it into a professional-feeling device for capturing video footage. After snapping the plastic clips to your iPhone, you can screw on the lens you'd like to shoot with directly to the case to turn your videos into something sleek and high-quality.

A great part of the iPro kit is the handle that comes with the case. The handle is short enough to be held and steadied with just one hand, but long enough to make awkward angles and shots a bit easier to master. You can either use the handle with the lenses, or just with the case itself for some more basic video footage.

All in all, the iPro kit is a good option to consider if you're looking for a secure – yet functional – iPhoneography case for capturing your video memories.

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What's your pick?

Is there a set of lenses or a kit that you're absolutely obsessed with? Let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to take a look at it!

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