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Best Lenses for iPhone Videography 2022

Hitcase Oneclip Truelux Lenses Iphone 11 Naked
Hitcase Oneclip Truelux Lenses Iphone 11 Naked (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The best iPhone may certainly come with an already impressive camera system, but you can always enhance it further with the right accessories, like a lens kit. Yup, that's right — separate lens attachments for your iPhone can give you impressive results that can rival a DSLR under the right conditions. Most lenses include fisheyes, macros, and even telescopic or super wide-angle field of view. And if you're doing something like shooting video with your iPhone, a lens can make all the difference. Here are the best lenses for iPhone videography that we've found that can help you step up your photography game!

Get pro photos and video with the best lenses for iPhone videography

Even though the iPhone can already take pretty good video and photo, having lenses increases the quality of your videos and photos. Plus, some of these lenses offer a perspective or field of view that you just can't get with the iPhone by itself, so it really ups your overall game. Even boring and mundane subjects can look interesting through a fisheye or macro lens, which is why these are the best lenses for iPhone videography.

Our top recommendation is the Moment Starter Set because Moment makes some of the best lenses out there and they're well-known for their top-notch quality. This starter set has everything you need for fantastic photos and videos, along with your choice of lens. You could also get the Moment Set of Two Lenses if there is more than one lens you want to pick up from Moment, but just know that you're going to need one of the Moment iPhone cases for those to attach to your iPhone. And if you want a good value product that is universal with pretty much anything, I recommend Hitcase's TrueLux Lens Bundle. As long as you have the OneClip accessory, the Hitcase lenses can attach to any device and work to give you fantastic, crystal clear photo and video.