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The best iPhone may certainly come with an already impressive camera system, but you can always enhance it further with the right accessories, like a lens kit. Yup, that's right β€” separate lens attachments for your iPhone can give you impressive results that can rival a DSLR under the right conditions. Most lenses include fisheyes, macros, and even telescopic or super wide-angle field of view. And if you're doing something like shooting video with your iPhone, a lens can make all the difference. Here are the best lenses for iPhone videography that we've found that can help you step up your photography game!

Moment Starter Set

Get the perfect Moment: Moment Starter Set - One Lens

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If you can't decide what Moment lens to go with, then check out their Starter Set. It includes your choice of a lens, Photo Case, Rear Lens Cap, and Lens Pen. You'll save at least $15 with this bundle. They have case options from the iPhone 7 up to the iPhone 12 Pro max (and everything released in between).

From $145 at Moment
Moment Wide Angle lens

Quality wide angle moments: Moment Wide 18mm Attachment Lens

Moment makes some of the best quality lenses on the market. This 18mm M-Series Wide Lens gives you 2x more picture in each capture thanks to the multi-element glass design with edge-to-edge clarity. It comes with a lens, lens cap, and a microfiber bag.

Moment Macro Lens

Time for your close up: Moment Macro Lens Attachment

If you want to do more macro shots, the Moment Macro Lens is what you need. This lens helps you capture life-size images of small objects at the highest quality possible. The product itself comes with the lens, a lens cap, and a microfiber bag.

Moment 58mm Telephoto Lens

Tele for all: Moment Tele 58mm Attachment Lens

The Moment 58mm Tele lens provides sharp edge-to-edge clarity and brings you 2x closer to your subject. With a single lens phone, this is equivalent to a 58mm lens. On a dual-lens phone, it's equivalent to 115mm lenses. The lens itself includes the lens, lens cap, and a microfiber bag.

Moment Anamorphic Lens

The finest videography: Moment Blue Flare Anamorphic Attachment Lens

Create your best films with Moment's Anamorphic Lens. It provides sweet horizontal flares and a widescreen, letterboxed look that's great for cinema. The 1.33x design gives you an organic look and character of 240:1. You can also use the Moment Pro Camera app to de-squeeze the images and videos when necessary. The Anamorphic Lens comes with the lens, lens cap, hex tool to rotate bayonet, and a microfiber bag.

Moment Superfish Lens

Fantastic fisheye: Moment Fisheye Attachment Lens

Moment's Superfish Lens is the first fisheye lens that captures more photo in a single image and delivers a completely flat image. That means no curves or blurry edges, just edge to edge clarity and sharpness across the entire scene. Think of it like a GoPro camera lens on your iPhone. You get the lens, lens cap, and a microfiber bag.

Moment Set of Two Lenses

A twofer!: Moment Set of Two Lenses

Can't decide between all of the different Moment lenses? You can choose to buy two of your favorites in this customizable set, and save at least $15 versus buying them individually (the total amount saved depends on the lenses you choose).

$240 at Moment
Moment Iphone Case Magsafe Render

A required Moment: Moment iPhone Case

If you plan to get any of the Moment lenses we just mentioned, you need to make sure you get one of Moment's iPhone Cases to go with it. That's because the lenses will only attach to their own series of iPhone cases. There are a few different varieties for every iPhone model going back to the iPhone 7, and the newer ones for the iPhone 12 series also include MagSafe.

Criacr Phone Camera Lens Kit Upgraded

A great value: Criacr Phone Camera Lens

If you're on a budget, this kit is a great value. You get a standard fisheye, a wide-angle, and a macro 10x lens. These clip onto your phone, with or without a case, and don't need an extra accessory, like a special case, to use. These also work with a variety of different devices, so it should work if you upgrade or switch handsets later.

$20 at Amazon
Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens Tripod Shutter Remote Kit

Up your photo and video game for cheap: Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens with Tripod and Shutter Remote

If you want to get the most bang for your buck without spending too much, this is a great beginner's kit. You get an 18x telephoto zoom lens, 0.63x wide-angle lens, 15x macro lens, 198Β° fisheye lens, six different kaleidoscope lenses, a CPL filter lens, tripod, and Bluetooth camera shutter for easy snapping and recording. The lenses are also clip-on, so they work with a variety of different devices, and should work if you change or upgrade your device later.

$29 at Amazon
Hitcase TrueLUX lens bundle

Professional and affordable quality: Hitcase TrueLux Lens Bundle

This bundle of three lenses from Hitcase includes SuperWide, Wide, and Macro lenses, so it's everything you would need. When you combine it with the company's universal and affordable OneClip accessory, you can use these lenses with any iPhone, smartphone, tablet, and even computer. The lenses produce high quality, crystal clear images.

$100 at Hitcase
Hitcase Oneclip Lens Clip Render

Clip it, clip it good: Hitcase OneClip Lens Clip

This simple accessory is needed to attach the Hitcase TrueLux Lenses onto your iPhone, Android, or even a tablet. It's simple but sturdy and is a universal accessory.

$15 at Hitcase
Olloclip 3 In 1 Essential Lens Kit

All you need: Olloclip Multi-Device Clip with 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit

Olloclip is a brand that has been around for years making quality photography accessories for iPhones and smartphones. This kit includes a universal clip that can attach to any smartphone, including the iPhone. It also has a 3-in-1 lens kit with a Fisheye, Super Wide Angle, and Macro lenses attached, as well as a Bluetooth shutter remote.

$100 at Amazon

Get pro photos and video with the best lenses for iPhone videography

Even though the iPhone can already take pretty good video and photo, having lenses increases the quality of your videos and photos. Plus, some of these lenses offer a perspective or field of view that you just can't get with the iPhone by itself, so it really ups your overall game. Even boring and mundane subjects can look interesting through a fisheye or macro lens, which is why these are the best lenses for iPhone videography.

Our top recommendation is the Moment Starter Set because Moment makes some of the best lenses out there and they're well-known for their top-notch quality. This starter set has everything you need for fantastic photos and videos, along with your choice of lens. You could also get the Moment Set of Two Lenses if there is more than one lens you want to pick up from Moment, but just know that you're going to need one of the Moment iPhone cases for those to attach to your iPhone. And if you want a good value product that is universal with pretty much anything, I recommend Hitcase's TrueLux Lens Bundle. As long as you have the OneClip accessory, the Hitcase lenses can attach to any device and work to give you fantastic, crystal clear photo and video.

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