The whole purpose of getting a MacBook Pro over a traditional desktop is to be able to work, play, create, and publish from anywhere, but carrying around your MacBook can be a little more complicated than it looks.

Your laptop likely isn't the only thing you bring with you when you work away from home — you probably need to bring some accessories along for the ride as well. Depending on where or how long you're going to travel, you might need your MacBook Pro charger, your Bluetooth mouse, and an external hard drive, meaning you either need to grow extra arms or invest in a laptop bag.

If you want to travel smart and free up your hands on your commute, picking up a laptop bag is essential. Here are my top picks for the best laptop bags for your 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger

If you're looking for the sweet spot between style, price, and functionality, I think the Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger is the perfect bag that gives you a little bit of everything.

Starting at around $50, this bag has a main compartment for your laptop, a rear sleeve, a front pocket, and a small zippered pocket on the flap. In other words, it's enough to fit your MacBook Pro, the charger, a mouse, and even a few other peripherals if you need.

The soft yet durable exterior is made of chambray, and the faux-leather accents give this light and thin bag a style that's pleasing to the eye.

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Booq Superslim case

Built and designed to be super lightweight but still secure and protective, so, your computer doesn't get thrashed around, the Booq Superslim case from Booq Bags in a minimalist, sleek, and an affordable case at around $60.

This particularly bag comes recommended to me by iMore's very own Lory Gil:

"The Superslim by Booq is almost as thin as a laptop sleeve, but it's got pockets, pockets, pockets, which give me that little bit of added room for the few additional peripherals that I always need to bring with me. It's the best of both — ultra slim and useful."

There are plenty of pockets and storage compartments that make the Booq Superslim case perfect for traveling or working on the go, while a large zipper front compartment is good for bulkier charging items, smartphones, and bigger accessories.

Read Lory's full review!

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Pad And Quill Valet

If money is no object and you just want a cool, stylish, and compact leather bag for your new MacBook Pro, then I suggest the Valet Slim sleeve from Pad & Quill.

P&Q offers some well-crafted genuine leather products, and the Valet sleeve lives up to the name. You have Chestnut, Whiskey, and Chocolate colors to choose from, which are all gorgeous, and you have the added benefit of a lap table when you fold back the cover.

The front closure is subtle yet secure, and if you're looking for a sleeve that oozes sophistication, then look no further. Just be prepared to pay a premium, the Pad And Quill Valet will cost you around $140.

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Timbuk2 Proof Messenger Bag

Convenient and beautifully designed, the $150 Proof Messenger Bag from Timbuk2 is designed with a tough, waxed canvas, thick leather trims, and heavy duty zippers.

This weather-resistant messenger bag keeps your Mac laptop protected and doesn't skimp on the space as the Proof is quite the compartmentalized bag. You should have no problem bringing along your favorite accessories along with your MacBook anywhere you go.

Not only is the Proof a consistently great choice because of how it's designed, but it also looks super cool. You can pick from modern color combos like whiskey cream, stone, midnight, julep, whiskey, and reserve.

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Tylt Energi Pro

Those on the go often don't have time to sit still long enough to charge a device, which is why Tylt makes its Energi backpacks. The Pro (starting at about $150) features a portable, 21,100mAh battery pack that can charge three devices simultaneously, with smart cable management throughout the compartments.

Our own Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher) absolutely raved about how great the Tylt Energi Pro Power is:

As you can probably tell, the Tylt Energi Pro Power is not just meant as a laptop bag, but an everything bag. With 12 different compartments and pockets and thick gel padding on the straps and back, even when you're carrying all your devices and accessories, it shouldn't wear on your body too much.

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Want even more options?

If you're looking for even more carrying options, check out the collection of great sleeves for the MacBook Pro!

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How do you carrying your MacBook Pro around?

Let us know what you use for carrying around your MacBook Pro in the comments down below!

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