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With a lot of us staying at or working from home these days, you may be going insane with boredom from being cooped up all day, every day. But fret not! There are plenty of things that can keep you and your family entertained, such as these great multiplayer games that you can enjoy on an iPhone or iPad. All of these can be enjoyed locally and played in real-time, rather than online with people you can't see or interact with in person. And when things return back to a sense of normalcy, these same games can be enjoyed with others at social gatherings too, so they're quite versatile!

Heads Up!

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This popular game is from Ellen DeGeneres, who often plays it on her show. Now, you can play it with your friends and family at home!

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The concept of Heads Up! is simple: one person has the phone or tablet and places it on their forehead with the screen facing out so others can see. People will then act out what is displayed on the card and the person holding the device will have to guess what the word is that everyone is acting out. Once the word is guessed correctly, the person tilts the device forward to pull out the next card, or they tilt it backward to pass if they can't get it. The objective is to correctly guess as many as you can before the timer runs out — you have about a minute.

Heads Up! features many different categories, with even more options available as in-app purchases. Heads Up! is the perfect little game to enjoy with others anytime and anywhere.

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Heads Up!

Heads Up! is one of the most popular party games around and for good reason.

SketchParty TV

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Do you enjoy Pictionary, but don't want to deal with a bunch of scraps of paper to throw away after? Then SketchParty TV is what you need, and it's a blast for everyone participating.

With SketchParty TV, everyone can play using their own iPhone or iPad, and everything shows up on your AirPlay-enabled TV (or you can use an Apple TV or Apple TV 2, or with an AV adapter or Mac/PC app like Reflector). The premise is simple: there's a word to draw, and one person draws it with their team trying to guess what it is. Whichever team has the most points wins.

The SketchParty TV app also has a new Dark Mode and drag-and-drop team setup to make things even easier for you.

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SketchParty TV

Everyone loves Pictionary, but don't always have the things on hand. SketchParty TV lets you play with tech you already have.


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Are there two or more people in the house? Does everyone like to push buttons and shout at each other with technobabble nonsense? Then Spaceteam is the game for you.

This cooperative party game can be enjoyed by up to eight people, so you know it's going to be fun. Each player who is participating will need their own mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad, and everyone yells at each other until the ship explodes. With each player, there's a random control panel that they have on their screen, and it's full of buttons, switches, and dials. Everyone must follow time-sensitive instructions, but these directions are being sent to all of your teammates, so everyone needs to coordinate with each other before time runs out.

Spaceteam is a fun little game about teamwork with a lot of confusion and shouting, but all in good fun. It definitely helps pass the time though, and it's free to try.

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Work together to follow instructions before time runs out in this wacky space game.


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Do you enjoy creating chaos when it comes to playing card games with others around you? Then Fluxx is for you.

This fun card game is all about chaos and evolution. As you play, the rules for the game change depending on the cards in play, so it's constantly evolving and developing. It's never going to be the same game twice. So even if someone thinks that they're winning, the tides can turn at any time, thwarting someone's close chance at victory. It's competitive, chaotic, and unpredictable. It's definitely a fun game to play with others in the house since it has pass-and-play multiplayer, but you can also go online if you want to.

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Fluxx is a card game about changing rules on a whim. Fun chaos will ensue.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Psych ScreensSource: Warner Bros.

If Heads Up! isn't enough for you, there is another game from the same creative minds, and that is Psych! Outwit Your Friends.

With Psych!, the goal is to outwit your friends by giving fake answers to real trivia questions. Who can spot the outrageous real answer among everyone's fakes? You get points for picking the real answer, and for each other player that you psych into picking your fake one. There are plenty of different categories to pick from, including the brand new "And The Truth Comes Out" deck. Do you think you really know your friends and family?

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Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Answer trivia questions with fake ones and get points for everyone you psych out, as well as for picking the real answers.

Stay entertained

These are just a few of our favorite local multiplayer party games to enjoy with your family and friends while staying home. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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