Pokémon Go Community Days are exactly what the name implies — a way to get trainers out catching and raiding together. As an incentive, Pokémon Go is throwing in either double XP or double stardust, lure modules that last three hours, and a special Pokémon with an exclusive move. All once a month, for three hours. Here's how it works!

What is Pokémon Go Community Day?

It's all part of Pokémon Go's ongoing efforts to encourage players to get out, discover new places, and meet new people.

From Pokémon Go:

Pokémon GO Community Day is an opportunity for Trainers around the world to meet up at their local parks to make new friends and experience what it means to be a part of this special community.

Once a month, we'll host a Pokémon GO Community Day event starring a special Pokémon, which will appear frequently around the world for just a few hours. When caught during the event, this special Pokémon will know an exclusive move. Other bonuses will be in effect during the event, such as increased XP or Stardust, and Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours.

We're constantly blown away by the passion of Pokémon GO players around the world, and we hope that each Pokémon GO Community Day will help add to the excitement of local events and meetups. Remember always to be alert and stay safe while playing and to be respectful of public spaces when exploring your community. Stay tuned to our social media channels and check out the Pokémon GO Community Day event page each month to learn about that month's featured Pokémon, special bonuses, and event times.

What's the February 2018 Community Day?

This month's Pokémon Go Community Day will feature everyone's favorite — and only! — base-level Gen 1 dragon-type: Dratini. It'll also offer 3x Stardust on any Pokémon you catch in the wild.

The Dratini Community Day event will run on February 24, 2018, from 11am to 1pm PT / 2pm to 5pm ET.

What was the January 2018 Community Day?

From Pokémon Go:

Mark your calendars, Trainers. The first Pokémon GO Community Day will take place on January 20, 2018, and it features Pikachu! Explore your local parks with family and friends to catch Pikachu that know the exclusive event move Surf. While you're out exploring your local parks and making new friends, you'll also earn double XP during event hours.

What time does Pokémon Go Community Day start and end?

While the servers might start up or shut down a few minutes early or late, here are the official start times for the major geographies. You'll need to adjust for your local time accordingly.

  • Asia-Pacific: 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. JST (GMT +9)
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. UTC (GMT +0)
  • Americas and Greenland: 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST (GMT -8) / 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST (GMT -5)

What will the XP rewards be for double XP community days?

It will be exactly like having a lucky egg running for 3 hours.

Double XP for catching Pokémon:

  • Curve Ball bonus: 20 XP
  • Nice Throw bonus: 20 XP
  • Pokémon Flees: 50 XP
  • First Throw bonus: 100 XP
  • Great Throw bonus: 100 XP
  • Excellent Throw bonus: 200 XP
  • Catch a Pokémon: 200 XP
  • Catch 100th Pokémon of a species: 200 XP
  • Add a Pokémon to your Pokédex: 1000 XP
  • Daily Catch Streak (Days 1-6): 1000 XP
  • Daily Catch Streak (Day 7): 4000 XP

Double XP for spinning PokéStops and Gyms:

  • Spin a PokéStop: 100 XP
  • Spin 10th PokéStop in a row: 200 XP
  • Spin a PokéStop for the first time: 500 XP
  • Spin 10th PokéStop for the first time in a row: 1000 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym (Basic): 50 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym (Bronze): 100 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym (Silver): 150 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym (Gold): 200 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym (Basic): 62 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym (Bronze): 126 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym (Silver): 188 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym (Gold): 300 XP
  • Daily Spin Streak (Days 1-6): 1000 XP
  • Daily Spin Streak (Day 7): 4000 XP

Double XP for hatching Pokémon:

  • Hatch a 2K egg: 400 XP
  • Hatch a 5K egg: 1000 XP
  • Hatch a 10K egg: 2000 XP
  • Add a Pokémon to your Pokédex: 1000 XP

Double XP for evolving Pokémon:

  • Evolve a Pokémon: 1000 XP
  • Add a Pokémon to your Pokédex: 1000 XP

Double XP for battling at Gyms and Raids:

  • Feed a berry to a friendly Pokémon: 50 XP
  • Beat a Gym defender: 200 XP
  • Beat all Gym defenders: 50 XP
  • Beat a Raid Boss: 6000 XP
  • Beat a Legendary Raid Boss: 10,000 XP

Can you double dip — quadruple dip! — with a lucky egg?

You could during both the Thanksgiving and Spring events, effectively giving you 4x the XP for the duration of the Lucky Egg. Same for the Solstice event, effectively giving you 6x XP for catches and a whopping 10x for hatches.

There's no reason to think te community event will be any different.

What will the stardust rewards be for double stardust community days?

It should work out like this:

  • 40 Stardust per Berry fed to a friendly Pokémon on a Gym.
  • 200 Stardust per base-level Pokémon caught in the wild.
  • 600 Stardust per base-level Pokémon caught in the wild.
  • 1000 Stardust per base-level Pokémon caught in the wild.
  • 800-1600 Stardust per KM Egg hatched.
  • 1600-3200 Stardust per 5 KM Egg hatched.
  • 3200-6400 Stardust per 10 KM Egg hatched.
  • 1200 Stardust for each Daily Catch Bonus.
  • 6000 Stardust for the 7-day Weekly Catch Bonus.
  • 1000 Stardust for completing a Raid.

Will star pieces work for 3x stardust on stardust community days?

They should!

Any Pokémon Go Community Day questions?

If you have any comments, questions, or tips to share about Pokémon Go Community Day, drop them below!