The UE Boom 3 remains iMore's top pick as the best Bluetooth speaker for iPhone, iPad, and Mac because of how awesome it sounds and the features it carries. We couldn't be more excited that it's on sale for Cyber Monday because that means you don't have to pay full price for this amazing product.

The Boom 3 truly sounds incredible. The bass is rich and warm without muddying up the rest of the mix, and those highs are crisp and so satisfying. Even at low volumes, where other speakers tend to get pretty muffled and indistinct, the Boom 3 excels wonderfully.

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Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 | 15% off at Amazon

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 offers fantastic sound quality, and due to its IP67 water resistance, it's perfect for the pool or beach. It's the iMore's top pick for the best portable Bluetooth speaker, and it's the perfect companion to any iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

$126.99 at Amazon

There's no noticeable distortion at high volumes, and it has the most balanced sound of any portable Bluetooth speaker I've ever tried. The bass is what got me — I try not to expect too much in a portable speaker, but I always hope for greatness, and the Boom 3 delivers.

Taking the Boom 3 to your next pool party will be no problem. It has a high water-resistant rating, allowing it to be submerged in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. It's also protected against dirt and mud, but you can hand-wash the speaker with warm, soapy water just in case it gets messy. Plus, if you truly want the Boom 3 to live up to its onomatopoeic name, you have the option to set up another one (or up to 150 Boom speakers) to make a stereo pair and really raise the roof!

It's truly the best deal to jump on if you've already taken advantage of one of the best Cyber Monday iPhone deals!

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