Best Sleeves for HomePod in 2022

Tencloud Silicone Case For Homepod in an outdoor setting
Tencloud Silicone Case For Homepod in an outdoor setting (Image credit: Amazon)

So you recently bought or received an Apple HomePod. It's definitely a fantastic smart speaker. But it's also rather pricey. So, of course, you're going to want to keep it in tip-top shape! The best way to do this is to cover it with a form-fitting sleeve, which shouldn't interfere with the audio quality, and you'll still be able to see Siri's interface at the top of the speaker. Here are some of our favorites to help protect your HomePod, or even give it a dash of personality!

Well protected

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We love our HomePods, and definitely want to keep them clean and protected (they're $300 a pop, after all). There aren't too many protective sleeves out there, but there are enough options for just about every scenario, both indoors and out. Protect your crisp white HomePod from busy (and potentially dirty) fingers at home, or protect your HomePod from the dangers of your travel bag while on the go.

Our favorite is the TXEsign Elastic Anti Dust Cover for HomePod, for its durable elastic material, and sleek design. These sleeves are also available in a variety of eye-catching colors like a stunning Aqua blue that gives the HomePod a whole new look.

Want a sleeve for your HomePod that you can take just about anywhere? The Erthree Protective Cover for HomePod does just that with water and dust protection. This sleeve also keeps the iconic HomePod design largely intact, with colors that match Apple's options, and it leaves the touch controls at the top exposed for easy access.

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