What are the best stands for my MacBook and MacBook Pro?

Your MacBook is a beautiful, powerful piece of tech, and therefore, it wouldn't be too inappropriately to literally put it on a pedestal from time-to-time.

Of course, a stand for your MacBook is a bit more than a tool to show off your toy: stands can optimize space, reduce desk clutter, protect your MacBook from the spills and uncertainty of your desk, help with storage, or even just add to the overall aesthetic of your office, depending on the style you pick up.

While there are dozens of MacBook and MacBook pro stands available out there, not all of them give you the most bang for your buck. Luckily for you, we rounded up the best of the best, and put 'em here for you!

Here are the best stands available for your MacBook (and here are the best USB-C Hubs for your MacBook Pro, while we're at it!)

mStand by Rain Design

The mStand is made of solid, sand-blasted aluminum and it's a sturdy stand that lifts your MacBook 6 inches off your desk. It's tilted slightly forward to bring your MacBook closer, and small rubber pads grip each corner to keep it in place.

For a little extra security, there's a raised lip on the center of the base. The full aluminum panel acts as a heat sink to help keep your MacBook cool as it runs, and you have the option to purchase the mStand with or without a swivel base.

The mStand is not only a versatile, well-made MacBook stand that'll take the heat off your lap and the kink out of your neck, but it's also an all-round customer favorite, garnishing over 2,000 reviews that put it at 5 stars on Amazon.

The Rain Design mStand 360 is a simple product, superbly executed, and potentially invaluable to anyone that regularly uses their MacBook – or any other laptop – with outboard peripherals on the desk. This inspired piece of aluminium deserves gold. (Andrew Harrison, TechAdvisor)

On top of that, the mStand looks like it's made by Apple, so if you like keeping your technology uniform and clean-looking, the mStand might be a great option to go for! It even works with both MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

The price is also a great option if you're looking for a high-quality stand that won't break the bank wide open – you'll spend just under $45 if you pick up the Rain Design mStand.

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Steklo X-Stand for MacBook

What if you're always on the go, you need a minimalist stand, and your desk is whatever tabletop is available? Sounds like you need the Steklo X-Stand for MacBook or your MacBook Pro!

The premium aluminum stands fits 12- to 17-inch MacBooks and is ideal for getting some air flow under and around your MacBook during prolonged use.

It folds down and breaks into small components that can easily be stored in your laptop bag; it also weighs a tiny 5.8 ounces. The X-Stand is perfect when you need just a little bit of ergonomic tilt for the keyboard and screen to save your neck and your wrists.

Bottom-line? Fold, store, assemble, and work with ease, all thanks to the wildly convenient and portable Steklo X-Stand!

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Twelve South BookArc vertical stand

Smooth, low-profile, modern, and wildly popular, the BookArc by Twelve South is a vertical stand that will reinvent your workspace. If that weren't already enough, it's available in silver, birch, walnut, and espresso, so you can customize your desk to match your taste.

The space-saving design elevates your MacBook in case of accidental spills and keeps your MacBook from having heavier objects placed down on it.

Vertical stands like the BookArc are ideal when you want to connect your MacBook to an external screen, mouse, and keyboard to turn it into a desktop Mac. It's also handy if you only occasionally need your laptop but don't want it taking up room.

At the end of the day, if you're looking for a stand to save you space and save your laptop from the dangers of your desk (while keeping it stylishly stored!) then check out the Twelve South BookArc vertical stand.

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Walnut Laptop Stand by Grovemade

If you're looking for a modern-looking, sleek, stylish, and super-functional MacBook Pro and MacBook stand that you can take into bed, leave on your desk, or even use in your car on a long road trip, then take a look at the Walnut Laptop Stand by Grovemade.

While not the most compact or convenient, the Walnut Laptop Stand allows users to perch their MacBook on the stand at a comfortable angle in order to work efficiently. The stand itself is quite wide, making it ideal for laying across your legs in bed, or even setting up on the bathroom counter for watching movies in the tub!

Featuring an angled platform for improved ergonomics, a precision cut stainless steel stop lined with premium vegetable tanned leather for your device to rest in, and room below for stowing your laptop accessories.

The stand itself supports up to 200 pounds and works with both MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and while it won't match the aesthetic of some of your other Apple gear, the walnut wood is sure to be a fashion-forward accent for your office-space.

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Rain Design mTower

Keeping your MacBook or MacBook Pro secure with a vertical stand like the Rain Design mTower is awesome for a number of reasons:

1) It helps to make space and declutter your desk

2) It protects your laptop from spills, getting things dropped on it, or accidentally knocking it off the desk altogether

3) It showcases your MacBook Pro in a way that says "LOOK AT ME! I'M BEAUTIFUL! AND CHARGING EFFORTLESSLY!"

Designed from a solid, singular piece of sturdy aluminum with a smooth, polished finish that mirrors the look and feel of your MacBook, the Rain Design mTower is a handy little accessory that you'll be picking up for all areas of your life.

One super cool thing about the Rain Design mTower is its heat sink design, which effortlessly conducts heat away from your MacBook, so if your computer is ever freaking out and overheating, pop it in your mTower to cool it down. Plus, a cool laptop = a quiet laptop!

The Rain Design mTower is small, measuring out at around 3.46 inches tall, so you won't have to worry about the stand being wobbly and unstable.

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Walnut MacBook Dock from Grovemade

If you're looking for a stand that will declutter your desk, fit in your bag, and looks and feels as stylish as it is reliable, then take a look at the Walnut MacBook Dock from Grovemade.

Built and carved from domestic walnut, fitted with a solid aluminum base, and designed with an inside lined with soft, wool felt, the Walnut MacBook Dock isn't just convenient and small, it's also incredibly minimalist and modern.

After popping in your MacBook or MacBook Pro, you can easily reduce the amount of space your laptop takes up on your desk, while still being able to charge your MacBook effortlessly.

The best part about the Walnut MacBook Dock from Grovemade? The fact that the stand isn't too terribly high, meaning that if you accidentally bump the darn thing, it won't go flying off your desk and crashing onto the floor.

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What's your pick?

Finding the most comfortable stand for you and your MacBook can be difficult, but there are dozens of high-quality options out there to pick and choose from that won't break the bank.

While the mStand is by far the sturdiest, best option (and did we mention that it comes with the option of a swivel base?) there are numerous stands in different designs that suit their own individual purpose for getting your work done efficiently, quickly, and, most importantly, comfortably.

What's your favorite MacBook stand and why? Let us know in the comments below.