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Best workout mats to use with Apple Fitness Plus 2022

Apple Fitness+ Strength Workout
Apple Fitness+ Strength Workout (Image credit: Apple)

Apple Fitness Plus offers fitness classes in multiple exercise modalities so you can get a boutique fitness class feel from the comfort of home or wherever you take the app. Some classes require no props at all, while others require additional accessories like rowing machines, dumbbells, or exercise mats. Using a mat that provides support and cushion while you move is essential to a great experience. These are the best mats to use with Apple Fitness Plus.

Which mat is for you?

Apple Fitness Plus offers a lot of classes that require an exercise mat, so it's a good idea to invest in one that works for you. We love the Manduka PRO and eKOlite mats because they're Apple's direct recommendations and come from a highly reputable company. They're on the pricier end, but will last for life, and are worth every penny.

If you're looking for something more budget friendly with extra cushion, the BalanceFrom GoCloud mat will deliver one inch of superior joint support. Or maybe you need an extra-large workout space? Gorilla Mats Premium Large Mat has got you covered.

Whatever your exercise needs may be, the perfect mat for you and your workout routine is right here on this list of best mats for Apple Fitness Plus.