Bladepad iPhone gamepad seeks Kickstarter funding, looks to change your iPhone gaming experience

The Bladepad is an iPhone case / Gamepad combo that is currently seeking funding from Kickstarter. It consists of an easily removable iPhone case complete with a clip on gamepad that includes two joysticks, a D-Pad and many buttons to enhance your iPhone gaming experience.

Playing games on your iPhone will never be the same! Bladepad brings a full console controller to your phone with a convenient and comfortable gamepad that maximizes portability and minimizes unnecessary bulk. Connect Bladepad to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Place your iPhone in the protective case and the gamepad slides out beneath your phone. When you are done playing, the gamepad slides back in place under your phone.Bladepad makes use of high quality components and materials to provide a durable device that is built to last. Inside is a powerful micro-processor and Bluetooth module from Texas Instruments. Additionally, Bladepad has a real metal bezel made out of the same lightweight and durable alloy that is used in the iPhone 4/4S. The bezel is actually a solid metal plate that protects Bladepad for long-term use.

If you would like to be one of the first to try this gamepad, you can become an early adopter with a pledge of $59 or more to secure one should they make it into production. The Bladepad currently has just over $6k of pledges and it needs to hit over $55k to gain enough to be funded. As with all of these Kickstarter projects, just because a particular item reaches its funding total doesn’t guarantee it will be made. I guess the saying goes; you pays your money and takes your choice!

There is no doubt in my opinion that gaming on the iPhone is hugely popular but is being held back by the lack of hardware buttons and a joystick. Lots of innovation is taking place on this front as we have already seen solutions from iCade and one or two others. The problem however is that there is no set standard for including support for a gamepad. Developers can chose to support one particular solution or none at all and until that changes, you could well be wasting your money as your favorite games may well not have any gamepad support at all.

The only long term solution to the problem would be for Apple to release its own gamepad and give all developers the ability to easily add support for it. Then we will we see most games taking advantage of the gamepad and it will become an essential part of gaming on the iPhone iPad and iPod touch.

Can you ever see Apple releasing its own gamepad? Would you buy one if they did?

Source: Kickstarter

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  • I would KILL to have an Apple Gamepad for my iPad... It could be a more portable console compared to other systems! new iPad + Apple Gamepad = killer mobile gaming system!!
  • The problem is not the need for a game pad, those are out there already. The problem is that there is no standard, and therefore almost no game support for a controller. Apple doesn't need to come out with a controller, it just has to come up with a standard, and tell developers that every game has to support that standard. Then 3rd party developers can make controllers based on Apple's specifications.
  • I backed this. I got the icade for iPad. Saw the icade for iPhone and it didn't look very good. This looks like quality. Hope it comes out so I can try it. There's many games out there, like FPS that I just avoid because the controls are terrible on iPhone. Hope this fixes that so those games are playable now
  • The BladePad was cancelled. Please back the Coco Controller on Kickstarter. I backed it and really want to see it succeed. I also love that it uses the headphone jack for communication instead of bluetooth so it won't run your phone's battery down as fast.
  • And yet another tragic story of incompatibility with the iPod touch due to Apple crippling it's own products.