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What you need to know

  • Boot Camp for Mac has just been updated.
  • It now supports Windows Precision Touchpad.

Boot Camp for Mac has been updated to include support for Windows Precision Touchpad on supporting devices.

From The Verge:

Apple is finally adding support for Windows Precision Touchpad drivers in its latest Boot Camp update. The new 6.1.15 update includes support for Windows Precision Touchpad, including single tap to click, lower-right corner to right-click, down motion to scroll up, and three or four-finger gestures.

According to Reddit the update went live yesterday, and version 6.1.15 brings support for Windows Precision Touchpad.

Apple's Boot Camp user guide contains more information about the feature:

In Windows on an Intel-based Mac, you can set trackpad options that affect clicking, secondary clicking, dragging, and more. Depending on your trackpad, you see only some of these configuration options.

Support for Microsoft precision touchpad drivers in Windows is available for Mac computers with an Apple T2 chip. If your Mac supports these drivers, you can set precision touchpad options using Windows; otherwise, you can set trackpad options using Boot Camp Control Panel.

As we discovered last year, the shift to Apple silicon and the M1 chip in devices like the M1 MacBook Pro and M1 MacBook Air is indeed the end of Boot Camp on the Mac, with Parallels now the only viable way to run Windows on a Mac. In April Parallels was updated with M1 Mac support, using 250% less energy on M1 and delivering a massive increase in performance.

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