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Brace yourself, and your iPhone, for back-to-school

First day of school in today's digital world -- love it!

At what age did your kids get their own iPhone?

Source: Marlette Cartoons Facebook Page

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  • This will sooo be my daughter in a few years! :)
  • At what age did your kids get their own iPhone? When they were old enough to get a job and pay for it.
  • LOOOL hilarious
  • This isn't hilarious, it's responsible parenting.
  • It's both.
  • My son got his phone his freshman year. I give it credit for keeping his grades up. The rule was, anything less than a B and he loses it for a semester. That never happened. :-D I did have to go pick it up from te office the few times it got confiscated. Good times!
  • The youngest in my Family is my brother, who is currently 17, I told him I will allow his next gen iPhone upgrade but he needs to have right after graduation. Otherwise, I'll be disconnecting it, I keep the phone and recover the termination fee by selling it Jailbroken and Unlocked.
  • Whoops typo * a job*
  • Probably at middle school age for mine. But not allowed to take to school. Until then, it's an ipod touch and her own laptop at home. I think of them as tools she has to know how to use. It doesn't fall in to the realm of what she has to use her allowance (which she determines with doing chores) to pay for. She has to save half of it always.
  • What age did my kids get their iPhone? When they got a job and started paying for the service. My ex can incur that expense out of the child support, if she chooses. I'm not going to.
  • A few years ago, I gave my daughter my old iphone 3 for christmas. At the same time, I gave my son an itouch He was 6 and she was 10. I did not hook up service for her on the iphone until she went to middle school. I wanted her to text me each morning that she was on the bus. She is still on the gophone plan. I pay $10/mo for 1000 texts. Still cheaper than puting her on my family plan with a cheap phone.
  • That, in my book, is much better parenting than waiting for them to be old enough to get a job and pay for it.