Brilliant Home Control now supports Alexa announcements and garage doors

Brilliant Home Control
Brilliant Home Control (Image credit: Brilliant)

What you need to know

  • Brilliant has released an update that adds Alexa announcement capabilities to its in-wall control.
  • Feature allows for broadcasting messages to other Brilliant Home Controls and Alexa devices.
  • Update follows another recent addition that brought support for Genie garage door openers.

Brilliant has introduced a new update for its in-wall Home Controls that adds support for Alexa announcements. The latest feature enables owners to broadcast messages on demand to other Brilliant Home Controls or Alexa devices within the home.

Alexa announcements now work with Brilliant. This means that you can say "Alexa, announce..." and this announcement will be broadcasted across your Brilliant Control(s) and any other Alexa-connected device(s) in your home.

To enable the feature, users must be running version 20.05.27 of the Home Control operating system, and must be signed into an Alexa account. The update is rolling out automatically for all users, and it can be installed manually on-device if it hasn't been applied as of yet.

In addition to Alexa announcements, the Brilliant Home Control also recently added the ability to control select garage door openers through Genie Aladdin Connect integration. Around 20 garage door openers are currently supported, and Brilliant provides a complete list along with integration steps on a dedicated support page. Once connected, users can open and close their door via the touchscreen display, through the Brilliant app, or via Alexa voice commands.

Control access to your home by connecting your Genie Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door to the Brilliant Control. Use Alexa on your Brilliant Control to control your smart garage door by voice.

Both updates follow a public beta release of HomeKit support which was rolled out in early May. To learn more about the Brilliant Home Control, check out our recent hands-on review.

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