Get ready to pay real money for stuff in World of Warcraft in-game store

Blizzard is testing a new version of World of Warcraft on its Public Test Realm, and with it comes the first evidence of an in-game store where players can buy enhancements to their gear and weapons, reports Blue's News.

Blizzard took to its own forums to explain the change.

For players who are already interested in the in-game items we offer, such as Pet Store pets and mounts, the benefits of an in-game store are pretty clear. We think everyone would appreciate the convenience of being able to make such purchases without having to leave the game, and ultimately that’s our long-term goal for the system, though there’s quite a bit of work involved in retrofitting those existing items into the new system.

Blizzard says that they'll be testing the new in-game store with new items they're introducing (to Asian players first). Players have already asked for other purchasable things like pets, mounts, and more.

Blizzard remains cagey about the in-game store, adding that it's still too early to known what they're going to do, but they're letting players interested in kicking the tires in the Public Test Realm get their hands on the new technology first.

Peter Cohen