Burger King's new app will let you buy a Whopper with PayPal, not Apple Pay

Burger King shoppers might want to pay for their next Whopper with Apple Pay on their iPhones, but The King has different plans for them: their own app. Burger King and PayPal today unveiled a partnership that will see the Burger King iOS app updated to support making in-store payments via PayPal instead instead of using Apple's credit card-reliant system. Burger King hasn't made any official moves with their current Apple Pay-compatible NFC payment installations, but given the reaction towards MCX and CurrentC retailers shutting down Apple Pay, we hope they'd be hesitant about doing so.

In a blog post, PayPal stated:

"With the BURGER KING App, guests can receive exclusive offers and discounts at BK restaurants, find their closest BK restaurant, and browse the menu and nutritional information. We will be rolling out later this quarter across the United States to all locations, BK restaurant guests will be able to securely pay with PayPal by simply launching the app and when they select to pay with PayPal they will be prompted with a four digit pin to pay.

Burger King announced plans earlier this year to offer customers a way to pay for their meals via their iPhone app. McDonald's, the nation's biggest fast food restaurant, has already sided with Apple's mobile payment system, Apple Pay. So far there's no word if Burger King will add Apple Pay support as well.

Source: PayPal

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