Magic Mouse BlackSource: iJustine

What you need to know

  • Apple's new Mac Pro comes with some very special Magic accessories.
  • It's Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad come in a brand new silver-and-black color scheme.
  • As of right now, buying a Mac Pro is the only way to get your hands on them.

Yesterday, Apple finally released its long-awaited Mac Pro, confirming, amongst other things, that buying a Mac Pro is currently the only way to get your hands on Apple's new silver-and-black Magic accessories.

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple previously teased a new silver-and-black Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad alongside the Mac Pro at WWDC earlier this year. The difference is very subtle when compared alongside the Space Gray, however, they are different... we promise...

Now, as standard, the new Mac Pro comes with a Magic Mouse 2. You can add a Magic Trackpad 2 for $50, or both for $149.00. The Keyboard is not currently customizable, so currently you can only get a keyboard with number pad, not without.

However, in the configurator Apple notes:

Mac Pro comes with silver-and-black input devices. The matching trackpad can only be purchased with your Mac Pro.

This means that right now the only way to acquire the new silver-and-black peripherals is to buy a Mac Pro. Of all the reasons one might have to buy a Mac Pro, this is probably not very high up the list. So, whilst the new silver-and-black look may be all shiny and exclusive, it looks like the only people who will be getting to use them are people who have purchased the Mac Pro. That is of course until those people realize how shiny and exclusive they are and start putting them on eBay for exorbitant sums of money.