Best answer: No, the Beats Solo3 do not have an IP rating nor are they considered sweat-proof. If you need a pair of workout headphones, the Powerbeats3 are the closest alternative that offers sweat-resistance.

Not workout headphones

The Beats Solo3 aren't meant to be worn as workout headphones, as they have no sweat protection to speak off. If you sweat a lot while wearing a pair of Beats Solo3, over time it's entirely possible to damage the earpads and internal electronics.

Powerbeats3 can get wet

If you're looking for a pair of wireless headphone that has the W1 chip and are safe to workout with, the Powerbeats3 is what you're looking for. Equipped with 12-hour battery life and the ability to charge up one hour worth of juice in five minutes, it's easy to pop the Powerbeats3 in your ears and forget about them!

Of course, the Powerbeats3 are in-ear headphones rather than the on-ear style of the Beats Solo3; however, that signature beats sound you've come to know and love — that sweet bass — is all still there!

A tiny amount of sweat is likely fine

If you don't plan on using the Beats Solo3 headphones to workout, you may not need sweat-resistant headphones! It's pretty common for on-ear headphones like the Beats Solo3 to cause you to sweat a little bit after wearing for a long period of time, or if in a hotter environment. This minimal exposure to sweat likely will be fine as long as you wipe it off with a cloth after use. It's exposure to a lot of sweat or often where you would need to be worried.

Great for every day

Beats Solo3

Comfotable on-ear headphones

The Beat Solo3 headphones offer a stylish design, comfortable fit, and battery life to last you through multiple days. The sound quality is excellent, though a bit bass-heavy, and spoken content like podcasts are clear and crisp. The only issue is that they're not sweat-proof.

Workout friendly


Sweat-resistant for workouts

Apple's only official sweat- and water-resistant W1 headphones are the only choice for those who have shorted out regular headphones in the past: Their 12-hour battery life should be more than enough for even the hardiest adventurers.

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