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Best answer: Unfortunately, you can't tether the Nintendo Switch Lite to your wrist. The best way to protect your device is with a good case. Fortunately, if you are worried about grip, there are options with grip handles.

Protect your Nintendo Switch Lite

If you want a safety net for your Nintendo Switch Lite to keep it protected, that is understandable. If you've played old Nintendo handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS systems, you may be used to having a wrist strap as an added safety measure for your device to protect against theft and drop damage. With such a lightweight system, if you're taking your Nintendo Switch Lite on public transportation or anywhere on-the-go, you may get bumped. The fear of dropping it makes sense, but right now, it doesn't look as though Nintendo has any plans to make a way to add a wrist tether to the system.

However, if it's protection you are after, Nintendo does have a special repair request form for physical and liquid damage to the system. Their 12-month warranty on their systems does not cover these kinds of damage. Unfortunately, neither is a way to prevent damage.

Adding armor

Although you can't add a wrist tether to the Nintendo Switch Lite, adding grips or using a travel case while you're out and about are good ways to keep your Nintendo Switch Lite safe. Grips are designed to help players hold on. With this addition, some may find that their system feels more secure in their hands and that they have a better hold of it. This will give it more of the feel of a traditional controller and offer more security against drops.

If the idea of the strap is more appealing to you, you still have options, but not while you play. When you aren't using your Nintendo Switch Lite, you may want to consider keeping it in a travel case equipped with a strap. This will allow you to at least keep it close and secured to you on the move, so it doesn't get bumped or grabbed. These cases below are just a few of many Nintendo Switch Lite case options for traveling with your system, but they offer a good alternative to the wrist tether. While we don't know what the future will bring, for now, there are a couple of ways to protect your system.

Get a grip

Nintendo Switch Lite grip case

TPU Grip Case Cover

Protection and grip

By adding this case to your Nintendo Switch Lite, you have a way to have a better grip on your system as well as shock absorption and scratch protection. As an added benefit, this cover also has two game slots on the inside.

Travel tether

Nintendo Switch Lite case with strap

SBHC Hard Carrying Case

On your wrist, on the go

This is a great way to still travel with the Nintendo Switch Lite safely. The case has a wrist tether, so when you're bringing your Nintendo Switch Lite with you wherever you go, you can keep it by your side or on your wrist. The case also has protection for the screen, eight game slots, and drop protection.

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