Can I get a refurbished Ultimate Ears Wonderboom?

Can I get a refurbished Ultimate Ears Wonderboom?

Best answer: You can pick yourself up a refurbished Ultimate Ears Wonderboom on Amazon — if you know where to look, of course. This will save you some cash on essentially the exact same thing as a brand new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom.Amazon: Refurbished Ultimate Ears Wonderboom ($57+)

Amazon has you covered

Amazon is a terrific place to shop refurbished gear. You can save serious money when it comes to buying refurbished products, and while the color selection isn't always the best, that's a small price to pay

Long story short, the Wonderboom speaker is a great tool, and buying it refurbished from Amazon is just smart shopping.

Why go refurbished over a brand new model?

There really isn't a huge difference in quality when it comes to buying a refurbished speaker, especially when you're buying it from the manufacturer of the original product. Refurbished might mean used, but when buying from the manufacturer, it usually refers to products that were shipped back and are still sellable. Usually, the manufacturer will inspect it and repair it first too, so you won't be missing out on quality.

On a more environmentally-friendly note, refurbishing allows for electronics to be recycled and reused, limiting the amount of electronic waste and build up that's been such an issue in recent years.

One of the simplest reasons to pick up a refurbished Wonderboom speaker? The price. You'll be spending considerably less on the speaker than you would on one that's brand new. Ultimate Ears speakers can get pricey for some, so you can get in on the action by going refurbished

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