Can I use the Logitech Circle 2 as a baby monitor?

Can I use the Logitech Circle 2 as a baby monitor?

Best answer: The Logitech Circle 2 would make a great baby monitor because it's one of the best security cameras you can get that is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and iOS devices. With the ability to talk and listen, you can easily have this camera double as a baby monitor. If you use this camera in combination with an iPad Pro and an iPad stand, you'll have the best setup when it comes to keeping an eye on your baby.Amazon: Logitech Circle 2 ($150)Apple: iPad Pro (2018) ($799+)Amazon: iPad Stand ($40)

Why else you would want a Logitech Circle 2?

The Logitech Circle 2 is about the size of a tennis ball and has one of the easiest setups when it comes to security cameras. The controls are easy to manage and incredibly straightforward. This is the perfect device for tech experts and newcomers alike.

It does require internet to use, but these days most baby monitors do anyway. This camera also has a Night Vision ability that is perfect for overnight recording. One of the few downsides is how you have to switch between cameras, if you're using multiple, to get a live view. The app does not support watching multiple screens at once.

Setting up the Circle 2 as a baby monitor

If you want to use the Logitech Circle 2 as a baby monitor there is one important thing you need to know. The mobile app for this security camera will not allow you to hear your baby while your device is locked. That means you will need to turn off the auto-lock option on your device to keep streaming the room. Since the device needs to be active all night it's not recommended to use your phone with this camera. You should designate a tablet to getting the job done instead.

The perfect set up will include an iPad Pro, an iPad stand, and your Circle 2. Here's how to get it all working.

  1. First, set up your iPad stand on your nightstand and have it facing the direction of your bed.
  2. Go into the settings of your iPad.
  3. Select Display & Brightness.
  4. Select Auto Lock.
  5. Select Never.
  6. Place your iPad in the stand and plug it in.
  7. Launch your Circle 2 app.

Once you're all set up, you can decide your preferred brightness and sleep soundly knowing that your baby is safe. The best part about using the Circle 2 as a baby monitor is that it's still worth having around after you don't need a monitor anymore. Instead of having to sell an old monitor, like you normally would, you can just install the camera somewhere else in your home and use it for security purposes.

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