Best answer: The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom can't connect to your TV. Even if it could, you're much better off going with a dedicated TV speaker like the TaoTronics Soundbar.

The Wonderboom is not for your TV

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is strictly wireless, meaning you can only connect to it with Bluetooth and most TVs don't come equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter. Plus, the Wonderboom only has one port on it β€” microUSB β€” and it's only capable of charging the speaker, so no matter what dongle or cable you buy, you won't be able to connect your Ultimate Ears Wonderboom to your TV.

Even if you could connect the Wonderboom to your TV, you really wouldn't want to. Small speakers such as the Wonderboom lack stereo sound, power, and frequency response to truly handle a TV's audio signal with any real fidelity.

Why is a soundbar better?

In short, soundbars are built to work with TVs and are one of the cheaper ways to increase the sound quality over the speakers on your TV. Most soundbars are able to sit right in front and under your TV, or even be mounted on the wall, giving you the ability to optimally place the soundbar in your room. Plus, soundbars are stereo sound and some even come with a subwoofer included. Therefore, you get a much fuller sound with more bass, which makes all the difference when you're watching something that takes full advantage of that audio.

What's so good about the TaoTronics Soundbar?

If you want your first soundbar to sound great without breaking your wallet, the TaoTronics Soundbar is the best choice for you. You get two audio channels, Bluetooth connectivity for your phone, 3.5mm or Optical connectivity to your TV, all in a slim package. There's no HDMI passthrough, no smart assistants, nothing but good sound. Plus, at only 25 inches across, this is a great option for college dorms or other rooms without a lot of space.

Our pick

TaoTronics Soundbar

Compact and affordable

TaoTronics makes a great compact soundbar that will instantly increase the quality of audio coming from your TV. You get two audio channels, Bluetooth connectivity for your phone, 3.5mm or Optical connectivity to your TV, and it all comes with a very reasonable price tag.

Not for TVs

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Bluetooth speaker for your phone

The Wonderboom is affordable, offers great sound, and lasts all day long. It can even float in water if you're looking to take it to the pool or into the bath; however, it's not capable of hooking up to your TV.

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