Mac Pro announcementSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Snazzy Labs tested gaming on an entry-level Mac Pro.
  • It didn't go great at all.
  • Adding a new GPU might help.

Quinn Nelson of YouTube channel Snazzy Labs has new Mac Pro content out, this time taking a look at whether the entry-level $5,999 machine can be used as a gaming rig.

That machine comes with a Radeon Pro 580X as standard which isn't great by any stretch of the imagination. Nelson tested it in both Windows and macOS and sure enough, the results speak for themselves. And just for kicks an Nvidia GTX 1080ti was used with Nelson foiled by the lack of macOS drivers. He was, however, able to make the card work in Windows. Eventually.

The only real solution was to pick up an AMD 5700XT GPU in order to make gaming work at all in macOS, and sure enough gaming was done. But it still wasn't breaking any FPS records.

Be sure to check the full video out for Nelson's rundown on exactly what happened at each stage as well as the advise that we'd all expected – don't buy a $5,999 Mac Pro to game on.

But, we all knew that already. Right?

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