Can you stream Switch Lite on Twitch?

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Can you stream Switch Lite on Twitch?

Best Answer: Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't include the necessary internal hardware to allow connected streaming. As such, you'll have to rig a camera over your Switch Lite if you want to stream gameplay on Twitch.Handheld only: Nintendo Switch Lite ($60 at Best Buy)

Can you stream Switch Lite on Twitch?

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Put simply, no; you cannot stream the Nintendo Switch Lite on Twitch using typical means. That's because this smaller gaming system was specifically designed for handheld use. It doesn't include all of the features or hardware you'll find in the original Switch. Most importantly, in this case, there isn't any internal hardware that allows for visual output, which makes it so you cannot display your Switch Lite gameplay through an HDMI adapter like you can with the larger Switch.

You see, to stream from a regular Switch or any other console, a device called a capture card must be connected to both the Switch and a PC. Capture cards help consoles bypass restrictions that are placed on certain features or tools.

On top of that, they allow you to get a smoother recording than what the Nintendo Switch's screen capture button allows for. But, since visual output isn't possible on the Switch Lite, you won't be able to use a capture card with it. That's why you need to find an external camera solution if you're serious about streaming your Switch Lite gameplay.

Streaming with camera rigs

If you really want to stream gameplay from your Switch Lite, you're going to need a good quality camera, lighting instruments, and some kind of camera rig that looks down on your gaming system while it lays on a flat surface. Or, if you simply intend to record using your phone, something like this will do the trick. Additionally, if you want to include your own voice recordings, then you're going to want a quality microphone as well.

Getting quality equipment gets expensive really fast, but if you're serious about sharing your Switch Lite gameplay, then that's what you've got to do.

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