Can you use Sonos Beam without Wi-Fi?

Can you use Sonos Beam without Wi-Fi?

Best Answer: No, unfortunately. All Sonos products are not designed to work without a broadband Internet connection or router since these are not Bluetooth speakers. Sonos products also have Ethernet ports directly on them, so you can plug in an Ethernet cable if there is no reliable Wi-Fi connection available.Amazon: Sonos Beam ($399)

Seriously? I can't use Sonos Beam without an internet connection?

Yes, unfortunately, that's just how Sonos is designed. Sonos doesn't make Bluetooth speakers, where the smart device and speaker need to be physically close to each other to maintain a connection and work.

Instead, Sonos speakers connect to one another through the Wi-Fi network in your home, which is why the range is so good, and why it's possible to have multiple units working together simultaneously.

Plus, since most Sonos products, including the Beam, use Amazon Alexa and Siri through AirPlay 2, or stream music and video through third-party services, these Sonos features would be rendered useless without a data connection.

So what if I don't have a good wireless router at home?

This is exactly why Sonos includes built-in Ethernet ports on their products. The Ethernet port allows users to plug an Ethernet cable directly into their Sonos speaker, which puts it into BOOST Setup and creates a dedicated Sonos wireless network automatically.

If Sonos needs a Wi-Fi network, does that mean the range is only as good as my network?

That's right — the range of the Sonos Beam and other connected Sonos speakers will only be as good as your wireless network. If your network isn't reliable, or if the network doesn't reach the rooms that you want to use Sonos in, you'll need to connect your Sonos speaker to the router with an Ethernet cable.

Doing this creates a dedicated Sonos wireless network and each speaker that's connected acts as its own wireless repeater. So if you do it this way, then you're essentially extending your dedicated Sonos network and working around the limitations of your wireless network.

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