Sonos One

Best answer: The Sonos One does not come with any supported cords to connect to your TV set, but because it supports AirPlay 2, you can connect it to your Apple TV.

Sonos One is not designed for use with your TV set

The diminutive Sonos One may be small-yet-powerful, but it's not designed to be a full audio system for your TV. That's why it doesn't have any HDMI, Optical, or even AUX ports. It only has a power cable and an ethernet port for streaming audio from the internet. It doesn't even support Bluetooth, so if you're hoping to connect a Sonos One to your TV with a wireless connection, you're out of luck unless your TV supports AirPlay 2.

Sonos One does support AirPlay 2 for Apple TV connectivity

Though Sonos One isn't designed for the TV, it is possible to use it with your TV if you have an Apple TV. Thanks to a little help from AirPlay 2, you can connect your Sonos One speaker with your Apple TV running tvOS 11.4 or higher. Because Sonos One comes equipped with two amplifiers, a tweeter, and a sub-woofer, it's got plenty of audio power to give you an extra boost when watching movies and TV shows, even if it doesn't quite fill the room.

Should you use Sonos One with your Apple TV?

The answer varies, depending on your personal wants and needs. If you already have a soundbar, Sonos One will not be louder than your current audio system. Your soundbar is probably the more appropriate option in this case.

If that soundbar happens to be a Sonos Beam or a Sonos Playbar however, you're in luck because adding a Sonos One (or two) will bring in surround sound.

If you don't own any kind of external speaker for your TV and you've been using the built-in speakers, chances are, Sonos One will be an upgrade. Most TV speakers are small and tinny. Replacing the built-in speakers with Sonos One is definitely an upgrade in most cases.

Even better; two Sonos One speakers paired together. When paired, these two speakers offer true left-right stereo so you'll hear audio that was intended for just the left side or just the right side. Two Sonos One speakers are only $30 more than one single HomePod speaker, so the price is enticing.

Two are better

Sonos One two-pack

Sonos One Two Room Set

To get the best experience, you'll want a paired set.

If you're already investing in the Sonos ecosystem and own an Apple TV, I recommend getting the 2-speaker set. The price is practically a steal and two Sonos One speakers paired together make true stereo, which is a much better experience for movie watching.

AirPlay 2 support

Apple TV

Apple TV

All the TV you want and the AirPlay device you need.

You can't connect your Sonos One to your TV without AirPlay and you can't use AirPlay with your TV without an Apple TV. If you're set on using Sonos One speakers with your TV, make sure to pick up an Apple TV, too.

A true TV speaker option

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam

A smart sound bar at a reasonable price — AirPlay 2 included!

If you're looking for a smart speaker with Alexa and/or Siri support, the Sonos Beam is the perfect fit for your TV. It supports dozens of streaming services and can be set up with AirPlay 2 for Siri and HomeKit support. The best part is it connects directly to your TV, so you don't need to fiddle about with over-the-air connections if you don't want to.

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