Candy Crush Saga: Another 10 killer help, hints, and guide to extra lives!

If you enjoyed our you'll love our second set of top ten winners! Here's where we get into reshuffling your start, crushing even more candy, and... playing for eternity thanks to Facebook!

1. Reshuffle your candies without losing lives

Sometimes just by looking at a new level you know if you'll be in for an easy or a hard time. Luckily, there's a way to change that, and reshuffle a challenging level, without using up any of your lives. On your mobile device, open the level and then press the exit button before you make any moves. When you come back, the candy will be reshuffled and in new, hopefully easier to handle positions. You can do this as many times as you want and no lives will be lost. This trick does not work on the time challenges as the game has already started as the time counts down.

Reshuffle your candies without losing lives

2. Infinite lives on Facebook

On your web browser you can keep multiple tabs open and on Candy Crush at the same time. This means that for those really hard levels you will never have to wait for lives to refresh as on each open version of Candy Crush you have 5 lives ready. When you do pass a level you will have to refresh each webpage but this is exceptionally helpful for those levels which take a lot of lives to pass. Below you can see I have 5 tabs open to Candy Crush and each with 5 lives. Yes, I stole Rene's facebook account to play Candy Crush on it.

3. Time Challenge add time

The trick to passing timed levels is getting as many +5 candies as possible to add more time to clock. Understanding why the +5 candies drop really helps as they do not just drop randomly. The +5's drop every time you make a move which causes a cascade of 4 or more combos. Then make sure you crush that +5 to add it to your timer. You increase your chances of creating a cascade by crushing candies at the bottom of the board as there are more candies above you to make a second, third and then fourth set. Try this on level 252 and you can play until you get bored of the level, I stopped when I hit 1,000,000 points and still had the full 30 seconds on the clock.

4. Use striped candies strategically

Do not waste your striped candies as soon as you get them. Try to plan out where they would be most beneficial and use them to reach those hard to get candies. There are some levels that this skill is essential for passing the level.

Use striped candies strategically

5. Save your fish for last Fish candies will zone in on any remaining jellies. Save them for last so you can have them get those hard to reach jellies. They will also get rid of jellies which are under frosting blocks without needing to get rid of the frosting making passing levels even faster.

Save your fish for last

6. Finish with extra moves left If you complete a level with extra moves left over they will transfer into more points as a school of jelly fish or striped candy will clear parts of the board. This does not guarantee that you will garner more points but usually it is a safe bet in order to hit those high scores

Finish with extra moves left

7. Pink bow

If you have a level with a pink bow on it, then one of your Facebook friends have given you a gift of 3 extra moves. To use this on mobile, just play the level and the three extra moves are added automatically. If you are playing on the web on Facebook you can see the number of +3 moves you were given in the starting screen. You just click on the +3 moves in the starting screen to activate it.

Pink bow

8. Gifts from friends

You only have a maximum of 5 lives (or sometimes 6) so dont accept lives from your friends until you can use them. If you accept lives when you are already maxed out the lives are wasted. I use the X to close the screen and wait until I'm under 5 lives remaining to click accept. Also know that the level you happen to be on when you accept a +3 moves will be the level that gift must be used on. So I only accept a +3 moves gift on the levels I am really struggling with.

Gifts from friends

9. Battle Plan You want to eliminate the most dangerous candies first. Usually that would mean clearing the bombs then chocolate and finally any locked candies.

Battle Plan

10. Dealing with ingredients

You do not want to start a level with ingredients on the far right or left of the board. Along the sides of the screen, you have many fewer options to create a set of three or more similar candies. You can restart the level if you notice this before you have moved (see tip 1). You can also try to move the ingredients closer to the middle by crushing candies. Unless forced never move an ingredient to a square with no exit underneath it or to the side of the screen. The exits look like small green circles with white arrows inside them.

Dealing with ingredients

11. 10 more tricks!

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I hope you have enjoyed my new tips and cheats for Candy Crush Saga. I'd love to hear how they work for you in the comments, and if you've come across any other great Candy Crush tips, tricks, or cheats, for the sake of my sanity, let me know!


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