Candy Crush Saga: It's Bejeweled for ruining your life

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three game for iPhone and iPad that is rapidly growing in popularity. It is extremely addicting and great fun, but potentially very expensive.

The actual gameplay is almost identical to Bejeweled (swap pairs of fruit to match three or more of the same fruit), but different levels have different goals like getting all the fruit to the bottom of the board and clearing away jelly. There are also traditional goals like reaching a certain score in a given amount of time. Just like most match-three games, Candy Crush is very addicting and will easily suck away hours of your life at a time… for a price.

For most of the goals in Candy Crush, you are given a specific number of moves to complete them. If you are unsuccessful, you are given an option to buy more moves or start over. There are also options to buy boosters at the start of each level. These boosts will increase your chances at beating the level. From the "Yeti Shop" you can also buy charms that permanently give you boosts for $16.99, $39.99, and $24.99.

There are also lives in Candy Crush. But you don't know this until you run out of them for the first time. And when you do, you are presented with a lovely message informing you that you can either pay to keep playing, spam your Facebook friends for help, or wait up to 30 minutes to continue.

When I learned of Candy Crush and made the decision to start playing, I made it my personal goal to not spend a dime on the game. I've succeeded, but now I've reached my first required paywall. After passing the 35th level, you are required to either spam your Facebook friends (which I refuse to do), or pay $0.99 for more levels. Considering the game is free to download and a lot of fun, I'm more than happy to pay the buck for more levels.

What about you? Do you play Candy Crush? Have you dropped any cash on it yet? What level are you on?

Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • You don't have to spam your FB friends to continue. I only request from friends that I know are active players. Even if their name doesn't show up in the suggested friends list, you can manually type them into the input box on top. This way I get what I need by only involving people I know are active players.
  • The game is pretty nice and very addictive but after say level 80 you are almost forced to buy the power ups if you want to carry on playing because the game becomes very very difficult.
  • I am not a gaming fan on IOS but have happily helped family and friends via lives on Facebook.
    I don't see it as spamming as my friends have to tell me to open the app to respond to requests.
  • I'm with kritter and Cyrano - I only send to the friends I know are playing. Because that 99¢ you paid is just the first to continue. Every 20 or so levels require you to get 3 tickets (from three different Facebook friends) or pay up. It is the game I play most now, but the game I hate most, too. My mom just past me today, (I am on 98, she is on 99). So I feel the need to keep playing. Competitive nature, I guess. And most of my Crush playing friends have all said the same thing on at least one occasion. "I wish I knew who first asked me to start playing this game, so I can kill them now"
  • You also have the option to go on facebook on the web and earn credits (like completing a survey or installing an app) that will allow you to buy your way to the next level. I haven't paid anything and am at lvl 120 but have gotten bored of it now.
  • Very fun and addictive game. Currently on level 245 :) haven't spend any money on the game and don't plan on doing it. I only send requests to active players so it's not really spam.
  • I'm sorry but that is totally incorrect. I'm up to level 165 (addicted, yes) and haven't spend a single cent with lives or power ups. Practically all my friends play so leveling up or asking for lives are not a problem and power ups are not needed to pass a level, you just have to know how to play.
  • And now... i've taken it upon me to challenge myself to see how far I get without spending anything on the game!
  • Been there, done that with Bejeweled. I really couldn't get into this game. My wife plays it endlessly though. It's not the type of time sink I want though.
  • Looks like fun! Bejeweled is one of my favorite games. I think I will still to the original. I hate apps that try to get you addicted and the charge you to advance. Great review!
  • I paid .99 for Bejeweled. It has multiple modes. I've just been sticking with that.
  • I am currently on level 305- for a very long time, and since I have already dropped some serious cash on this game, in my Candy Crush Addiction frenzy, I refuse to spend anymore money trying to get past this level.
  • If you disconnect from Facebook in the Apps settings page you can take three quests to unlock new levels. They're fairly easy levels with a minimum score to pass but you have to wait 24 hours for the second and then the third quest so it will take you over 48 hours to unlock new levels. It does give you the option to get new levels without spamming your Facebook friends though. Sent from the iMore App