CARROT Weather is ready for iOS 12 with awesome new features

Happy iOS update day! To celebrate, everyone's favorite snarky, AI-controlled weather app, CARROT Weather, just got even better. Who can resist a GLaDOS-like artificial intelligence insulting you subtly while giving you the day's forecast?

Today's new 4.8 update includes a handful of brand new features that make the app compatible with Shortcuts in iOS 12, the new Siri watch face, and new complications coming in the Apple Watch Series 4.

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Siri Shortcuts

The biggest and most exciting new feature is definitely the compatibility of CARROT with Siri Shortcuts. There are 18 shortcuts that work with CARROT Weather, and it's even customizable if you want your personalized weather reports. One neat shortcut is the ability to make Siri interact directly with CARROT, but this may make CARROT angry, so watch out with that one.

Shortcuts let you ask Siri about what the weather will be like for the week ahead. Or you can ask for precipitation reports that tell you when you're going to get rain. There are many possibilities here, and Siri Shortcuts makes CARROT Weather's data even more accessible at any time.

Siri watch face

When you use the Siri watch face, your day begins with a morning report of the weather for the day, and updates come in automatically for relevant weather events, such as rain. In the evening, you'll find a report for tomorrow's forecast.

All of the cards that Siri may display on the watch face are customizable with more data points that you find relevant. If it rains frequently for you, then the precipitation data is useful. Or UV Index if you're worried about the hot sun rays.

New Apple Watch Series 4 Complications

This 4.8 update includes some new complications and fully supports the new Series 4 complications on arrival. There are over 15 customizable complications for each, and you can add a single or double data point for each slot.

What's your favorite weather app?

We're big fans of CARROT Weather because of the hilarious insults that CARROT likes to fling at us while we check in on the weather forecast. Today's update makes it more useful and fun than ever, so we're glad to see support for iOS 12 right when it's available.

The update is available for existing customers for free. CARROT Weather is on the App Store for $5 with in-app purchases.

$5 - Download Now

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