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This is the case I bought for my iPhone 11 Pro and why it's my daily protection

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Every person has a different idea of what makes a good case. That's why there are so many different styles and colors out there. Some want the flashiest look. Others want convenience. Rugged cases are a favorite for clumsy fingers. For me, it's an ultra-thin case. Something that makes me feel OK with setting my iPhone on a concrete slab, but doesn't feel like there's a case on it. I also prefer clear instead of any color (though I do love a good colorful case from time to time) because I always get Apple's newest color and so feel compelled to show it off.

This is where Totallee's Thin iPhone case comes in. It's 0.02" thin. It's practically paper thin. Not as thin as plastic wrap, but only a little thicker. It's my everyday case (believe me, I switch cases often, but I always go back to my Totallee). I've had one since the iPhone X and it's the first case I bought for my iPhone 11 Pro, even before it arrived.

Ultra-thin cases are not for everyone. They don't really offer any protection beyond scratches and scuffs on the back of the phone. Totallee's Thin Case has a very tiny lip on the backside that goes above the camera bump's edge, but only matches the height of the sides — it does not have a screen-protecting lip. For more protection, I recommend Apple's clear iPhone Case (opens in new tab). It's not ultra-thin, but has all the extra lip protection you're looking for (I love the Apple clear case in both look and feel, but it's just too thick for my taste).

Totallee Thin Case for iPhone 11 Pro

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The Totallee Thin iPhone case is so thin that some may discover it becomes loose over time. It's made of completely flexible TPU. It's not a hard shell case, but a rubbery soft case. My best friend bought the same case for his iPhone XS Max last year and said that after a few months of use, the sides wore out and became loose. He slips his iPhone in and out of his pocket all the time, and this might attribute to the loss of structure.

I, however, after two years, didn't see any loosening of the case's structure. My older version is covered in scratches and doesn't have that beautiful crystal clear look anymore, but it is otherwise still in perfect condition; no yellowing.

How does Totallee's Thin Case compare to Peel's Ultra Thin case (opens in new tab)? They're very similar. They both measure just 0.002 inches thick. Both offer a 2-year warranty. They even cost the same. They're both amazing cases with crystal clear transparent options that don't yellow over time. They both sport a camera bump lip, but zero screen protection. Honestly, it's like choosing Coke or Pepsi. Brand preference is your only real difference.

Totallee Thin Case for iPhone 11 Pro

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If you ever worry about dropping your iPhone, an ultra thin case is not for you. This category of case really doesn't offer any protection beyond scratches, and doesn't even protect the screen from that. Totallee's Thin case is for people that want to go completely bare, but don't want to worry about micro-abrasions and scratches over time on the back glass of the iPhone 11 Pro.

It may not be for everyone, but Totallee's Thin iPhone 11 Pro case (opens in new tab) is my everyday go-to case that I buy over and over again for every new iPhone I get.

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  • Hey, I Totallee agree with you! I flip back and forth between the clear, frosted and black cases myself. I have on my last three devices. I find that an ultra-thin case let’s me have a better grasp, so less likely to have a drop. That’s worked so far..,
  • My only problem with TPU cases is that they become quite noticeably yellow over time, sometimes after only 3 or 4 months. Does this happen to the Totallee?
  • This actually could be one of the few cases I could consider. I really like to have the phone naked but value protection when being on the go. So I usually go for a sleeve design. Gives protection in-transit but lets you use the phone in the naked form. But this case could be a nice alternative!