iPhone SE 2 Fake MockupSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • iPhone case makers are already taking preorders for the iPhone SE 2.
  • Totallee is taking preorders for a "Thin iPhone SE 2 Case".
  • The new, low-cost iPhone is expected to launch this spring.

Rumors keep on swirling about a new, low-cost iPhone that Apple is potentially preparing to announce in the spring. It will reportedly be the successor to the beloved iPhone SE and, while the new model is without an official name yet, has been referred to as the iPhone SE 2 as well as the iPhone 9. Despite its official announcement still at least a month away, that hasn't stopped iPhone case makers from already offering preorders on the new device.

As reported by MacRumors, iPhone case maker Totallee has already launched preorders for a "Thin iPhone SE 2 Case". Totallee describes the case as "a pocket-friendly, ultra-thin iPhone SE 2 case for everyday protection against scratches and bumps." It comes in both Matte (Frosted Black and Frosted White) and Transparent finishes and retails for $35.

Totallee says that the new Thin iPhone SE 2 Case will be available on March 24, but that is only a guess as to when the new, low-cost iPhone may be available to preorder (the iPhone SE went live to preorders on that day line 2017).

iPhone accessory makers regularly launch new products aimed at Apple's new devices based on rumor and speculation. If enough details about a new model get leaked, it can be incredibly advantageous for an accessory maker to be one of the first brands to make a product that is compatible with the new iPhone. While there is always a chance they could get a detail wrong, it seems to be worth the risk for manufacturers right now.