Castro's 3.2 update focuses on improvements to the Sideload feature

Many of us listen to podcasts as a way to get the news of what's happening, or to listen to stories, or just to hear some good buddies talking about topics that interest us. Regardless of the reason why, we can all agree that podcasts are a great form of entertainment.

Many people use the default Podcasts app, but we don't understand why when there are great alternatives out there on the App Store. One such option is Castro, which just received a pretty nice update in version 3.2.

Personally, I like to use Overcast, but Castro has been catching up in many ways (and definitely looks prettier) which I covered when I compared the two apps side-by-side earlier this year. However, today's update is just a dot update, and not a major release, but it does make an existing feature even better.

Castro's Sideload feature allows users to add any DRM-free audio into the Castro folder in their iCloud Drive. This audio file then appears directly in the Castro app, ready to be queued up.

In Castro 3.2, the Sideload option now has an action extension via the iOS Share Sheet. This simple extension lets users send any audio file from the web straight into Castro in just a few taps. You no longer need to save the file manually into iCloud Drive on your Mac to get it to show up in Castro.

If you're wondering what's so good about this, think about it: you can queue up audiobooks, lectures, individual podcast episodes, Patreon/Kickstarter bonus episodes, and any other audio straight from iOS. No Mac required.

The only catch is the fact that the Sideload option is only available if you have a Castro Plus subscription, which is $2.99 per month, or $8.99 for a full year. Castro Plus also includes other features, like Trim Silence, Enhance Voices, Mono-Mix, Chapter Support, and much more.

The 3.2 update also includes new Siri Shortcuts and volume control in the Apple Watch app.

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Christine Chan

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