Notification appearing from Legrand with Netatmo appSource: Legrand

Electrical experts, Legrand, are bringing HomeKit to your home's electrical panel with the introduction of the Drivia Smart Electrical Panel system in partnership with Netatmo. Yep, you read that right, this HomeKit accessory installs directly into your circuit breaker box, which almost definitely requires a call to an electrician.

Legrand with Netatmo Drivia Smart Electric PanelSource: Legrand

The Drivia system is comprised of 6 units, which can be purchased separately, including a contactor, relay, energy meter, load controller, and the brains behind it all, an internet connected gateway. While most pieces of the system look like circuit breakers, the Energy meter has a small LCD on-board to show a small summary of daily usage and the associated cost. Of course, since the display will more than likely be found hidden away, users can also refer to the Legrand Home+ app to review these metrics.

Legrand with Netatmo Drivia system installed in an electrical panelSource: Legrand

Having the Drivia system installed directly at your home's panel allows it to monitor energy consumption for everything that is plugged in around the house, which Legrand states that this enables owners to drive down their energy cost. The Drivia also enables owners to toggle power to a complete leg of electrical power to your home, which could be useful if you forgot to turn something off, but don't have it on a smart plug.

Legrand's Drivia system is launching in Q1 2020 in European markets, with prices ranging from €68 to €100 for each unit. Legrand has not stated whether or not the system will be brought over to North America at this time.