Charming new iPhone 5c 'Every Color has a Story' ads show up... on Tumblr?

The iPhone 5c enjoyed one of my favorite Apple commercials of 2013 — Designed Together — but we haven't seen more of those pop-art inspired ads, at least not until now, and not until... Tumblr? The log is called isee5c and claims Every Color has a Story. The videos are called Porte des Lilas, Vivo a Carnival, Enjoy the Show, Showtime, and Skating Love. There's also an additional spot that simply says Coming Soon. They all feature a series of dots playfully falling into place and then zooming out to reveal an iPhone 5c in its dotted Apple Case. The animation is charming and reminiscent of the Designed by Apple - Intention spot from WWDC 2013. But did Apple make them?

Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac has done some sleuthing and concludes:

Besides the sponsored posts and a connection to a secretive Vimeo account with the name [of Apple's advertising agency “MAL,”] there is not much else that connects these videos to Apple. It is unclear if Apple will announce that it is behind this new campaign if it is, in fact, the website’s creator. However, the company has previously noted that iPhone 5c sales have come in below expectations (even with the phone’s other viral advertising), so perhaps Apple is trying something new with its partners at Tumblr/Yahoo.

Apple has shown they're smart enough to go to where the customers are before, be it boutiques inside Best Buy or iBooks recommendations inside Flipboard. Apple testing Tumblr as a social marketing channel wouldn't be in the least bit surprising. That said, a talented fan showing off their love for the iPhone 5c and skill at animation can't be ruled out either. (Nor can those "non" letters staring out at us from between the iPhone 5c cases...)

Whatever the source, the iPhone 5c feels like it was always meant to be a TV series to the iPhone 5s' blockbuster movie. Something not to draw launch-day lineups and holiday sales blitzes, but to sit on the shelf month in, month out, and appeal to those walking in and walking by who just want a fun first smartphone.

We'll see if and how that strategy changes when Apple launches new phones, including the expected iPhone 6 later this year.

In the meantime check out the Tumblr and let me know what you think — are they a new style of Apple ad and, more important, how do they work for you?

Source: isee5c via 9to5Mac

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