Apple Watch bandsSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has offered more than 350 different Apple Watch bands so far.
  • With so many combinations of band and color, it's impossible to remember them all.
  • This collection puts them all in one place and there are a few favorites you might have forgotten.

Since the first Apple Watch was released to the world in April 2015 Apple has been on an aggressive schedule in terms of releasing different bands and color combinations. There is a lot of choice available on Apple's website right now but there are yet more that have been and gone. And this website puts them all in one place – ready for your perusal.

Shared via the website there are two PDF files on offer. One is every Apple Watch band on a single-paged poster, the other is everything spread across multiple pages. Unfortunately, there are a couple of images missing but I only counted a couple!

My favorite current Apple Watch band is undoubtedly the 2020 Apple Pride Edition Nike Sport Band. But when you put every Apple Watch band together, it's almost impossible to choose!

Apple Watch Woven Nylon BandsSource: iMore

I, for one, had completely forgotten that Apple sold bands based on the flags of countries competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics. In fact, I'd managed to forget about the Woven Nylon bands entirely and now I want them all!

Who could forget the Modern Buckle, too?

Apple Watch Modern BuckleSource: iMore

There have been so many great Apple Watch bands – I want to know which was/is your favorite in the comments below! Extra points if you have a photo to share, too.