Check out this incredible portrait shot by the iPhone 11 Pro

What you need to know

  • iPhonedo took a portrait with the iPhone 11 Pro, and it looks stunning.
  • The image was edited using High-key Mono and the built-in tools in Photos.
  • The image almost rivals that of a DSLR.

A lot has been said about the iPhone 11 Pro's triple-camera setup. The long and the short of it is Apple's new system is the best out there — or at least high up on the list. Don't believe us? Just check out this incredible portrait shot by the iPhone 11 Pro.

YouTuber iPhonedo released a video this week that included a portrait he made while out to eat, and it looks positively amazing. You can look at the photo in more detail on Flickr.

Using the iPhone 11 Pro's portrait mode, iPhonedo then chose the Apple's new High-key Light Mono option and then edited the photo using the built-in tools inside Photos. After tweaking shadows, highlights, and a few other settings, iPhonedo made what looks like a professional portrait.

The bokeh looks fantastic and the subject's eyes are tack sharp. Apple's High-key Light Mono mode also convincingly makes the photo looks like it was taken in a studio, which is exactly the point.

Put it this way: When Apple shares examples during major keynotes, this is what the company should share. What's most impressive is this image was made in an ordinary environment, not in a controlled test. Anyone with an iPhone 11 Pro can achieve the same results.

If that image doesn't convince you the iPhone 11 Pro has a good camera, perhaps our images from Disneyland will.

Brandon Russell