Check out these first impressions of Apple's new iMac Pro!

iMac Pro hero
iMac Pro hero (Image credit: Apple)

This morning, Apple updated its website to announce that the shiny new iMac Pro will finally be available for all us regular folk to purchase on Thursday, December 14. If you can't wait until then to get an in-depth look at it, though, don't worry — we can't either. So we've rounded up a few reviews and first impressions to sate your all-consuming iMac Pro hunger.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee was one of the first to make his first impressions public. After using the iMac Pro in secret for a week to do a lot of heavy lifting data-wise (like editing high quality video with programs like Final Cut Pro), he praises its speed and performance. He also notes that its design is almost identical to the 27" 5K iMac with the exception of the color and the extra ventilation slots, and the improvements have all been made internally.

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison was another one to quickly release a first look at his perfect iMac Pro setup (outdoors, even!). He also applauded the machine's speed and adeptness at handling demanding tasks, calling it "insanely fast." In addition, he lists a myriad of must-have accessories for the Pro so that you can work even more efficiently.

Thomas Grove Carter

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Thomas Grove Carter, video editor for Trim, took to both Twitter and postPerspective to share his initial thoughts on the iMac Pro. Though he hasn't had the Pro long enough to do a full editing job with it yet, he claims that is experience with it so far has "blown [him] away," citing super-fast delivery of H.264 exports and flawless playback of a color-corrected 8K sequence.

Vincent Laforet

Director and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet shared his two cents about the iMac Pro on his blog. He noted that yes, the iMac Pro's design was beautiful, but that's to be expected from Apple. His real concern was "how fast is this thing, and how much time will it save me in my everyday imaging tasks?" He found that the new computer was consistently 2-3 times faster than his current iMac — a pretty staggering difference, as the usual increase in speed between Mac models is approximately 20%-30%.

Craig A. Hunter

iMac Pro

iMac Pro (Image credit: Craig A. Hunter)

Craig A. Hunter of Hunter Research and Technology was given a 10-core unit to try, and, like Laforet, shared his experience on his blog. He "spent just short of a week running the machine through [his] typical workflows in aerospace engineering and software development" as well as running benchmarks and tests, and reports that it's one of the fastest systems he's ever tested "by a notable margin." He gets into very specific detail in his post, so if you're into engineering and really want to know the ins and outs of the iMac's performance, it's a must-read.

Cabel Sasser

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Co-founder of Panic Inc Cabel Sasser shared six initial impressions of the iMac Pro in a Twitter thread. He, like many others, noted the computer's impressive speed. However, he also emphasized its improved security measures, touching on how storage encryption keys "pass from the secure enclave to the hardware encryption engine" without ever leaving the iMac's new T2 chip.

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