New iMac Pro rumors: Screen size, release date rumors, processor, and more

iMac Pro
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Apple's iMac Pro was a beloved desktop behemoth that packed in the all-in-one convenience of Apple's iMac range with awesome processing power and a potent display. 

Years after it was discontinued, rumors abound that Apple might have a larger, more powerful iMac in the works that sounds an awful lot like a reboot of the iMac Pro. Early indications suggest it could have a massive 32-inch display, and of course there'll be Apple silicon under the hood as well. 

So what do we know about this new iMac Pro and when can we expect it? Here's everything we know so far. 

New iMac Pro: Possible release date

iMac Pro (2017)

iMac Pro (2017) (Image credit: Apple)

2023 has come and gone with no sign of the iMac Pro. Are most recent information, and our best source to go on, is Ming-Chi Kuo, who says Apple could unveil a new iMac in 2024, followed by an even more capable desktop in 2025. It's likely this second device is an iMac Pro. 

New iMac Pro: Sizes and models

The old iMac Pro featured a 27-inch Retina 5K display with IPS technology. Apple's new iMac is reportedly 32 inches in size. This makes sense given its likely to get the same redesign as the M1 iMac, which upped the screen size from 21.5 inches to 24. 

New iMac Pro: Processor

iMac Pro (2017)

iMac Pro (2017) (Image credit: Apple)

With the M2 Pro, Max, and Ultra out in the wild and rumors of M3 fast approaching, a 2025 iMac is likely to feature either the M3 chip, or possible even the M4. Apple unveiled its new M2 chip last year, and Apple looks on course to get two fulls years out of it before M3 arrives. It's likely the M3 chip is the flagship in 2025 too, so an iMac Pro would probably feature the M3 Pro and Max variants of this, or maybe even the all-powerful Ultra. 

New iMac Pro: Design

iMac Pro (2017) accessories

iMac Pro (2017) (Image credit: Apple)

We have no idea what the next iMac Pro could look like. The last solid report came from Gurman in January 2022. At that time, he said that a new iMac Pro would look bigger and have better chips. He suggested the 2023 iMac Pro would take a few design cues from the 24-inch iMac (2021), and that makes a lot of sense.

The first iMac Pro was unique in that it was offered in (only) space gray. Apple could provide more of the same and only offer the next-gen model in one color. It could also follow the iMac (2021)'s lead and release the 2023 iMac Pro in multiple colors. 

Don't get too excited, however. Apple has historically kept "Pro" device colors to the minimum. So you can expect models in Space Gray, silver,  and maybe one other darker, more muted tone is what we've seen in the past.

The original iMac Pro featured a built-in 1080p FaceTime HD. Similar specs are found on the current-generation MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I would expect something better on a new iMac Pro.

What probably won't change? The 2023 iMac will almost certainly come with matching accessories, such as a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad. 

New iMac Pro: Display

According to the latest reports the iMac Pro will feature a 32-inch mini-LED panel. That's the same tech behind the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, so could open up 120Hz ProMotion displays as well as formidable HDR performance. 

New iMac Pro: Price

The iMac Pro (2017) started at $4,999 and became even more expensive as upgrades were added. The Mac Studio (2022) starts at $1,999, but that price can climb to $8,000 with upgrades. It's likely the iMac Pro in 2025 could be just as expensive as its predecessor.  

Time to wait

So we've at least a year to wait until we hear about the next iMac Pro, but with 32-inch mini-LED display, M3 processor, and redesign on the cards, it might be one of Apple's most capable desktops ever when it finally arrives. 

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