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What you need to know

  • Chicago now has support for Apple Pay Express Transit.
  • The feature is now supported by Ventra Card.
  • It offers quick and easy payments from iPhone and Apple Watch.

Travelers in Chicago can now take advantage of Apple Pay Express Transit after Ventra Card added support for the feature.

Spotted by MacRumors, the feature will now allow users in Chicago to pay for transit more quickly and easily from both iPhone and Apple Watch. Once set up, travelers won't even need to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID, either.

With your Ventra Card on iPhone and Apple Watch it's easier than ever to get around on CTA and Pace. Just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for rides using transit value or passes. No fumbling to grab a separate transit card, open apps or even wake your device — it's that easy!

And get the same features of a Ventra Card on your iPhone and Apple Watch, including the ability to load and manage transit value and CTA and Pace passes, autoload, pre-tax transit benefits from your employer, account management features in the Ventra app and more!

However, there are caveats – including the fact that a Vantra Card can only be added to one device at a time.

Note: Special fare program cards, such as RTA Reduced Fare, Student Ventra Cards or U-Pass Cards, cannot be added to Apple Wallet at this time. A Ventra Card in Apple Wallet can't be loaded onto more than one device at a time — load it only to the iPhone or Apple Watch you wish to use when you ride

That's less than optimal!

Chicago is the latest big city to get support for Apple Pay Express Transit and it surely won't be the last.