Chrome for iOS now supports browser-based Chromecasting

Chrome for iPhone and iPad is getting a small update today that allows supporting mobile sites to beam the site to the big screen over Chromecast. This may be redundant if you've got an Apple TV and AirPlay mirroring on the go, but options are always nice.

Finding Chromecast-enabled sites are pretty tricky, but Chrome is a solid browser, and if you're not using it already on your iPhone or iPad, you should really consider giving it a go. Chromecast is also particularly awesome, and if you've got a spare HDMI port on the back of your TV, it's worth picking up at that price.

Source: Google

Simon Sage

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  • Best browser for iOS. Safari has nothing on Chrome.
  • WVC - Web Video Cast. New iOS app that can cast almost any video and TV show directly to Chromecast. It has built-in browser and automatically finds links to video. You just have to tap on found link to start casting.
  • The best browser. I use it on every device... From mobile to desktop. Sent from the iMore App