This circular Apple Watch concept is sure to divide opinion

Circular Apple Watch
Circular Apple Watch (Image credit: Phone Industry)

What you need to know

  • An Apple Watch Series 6 concept has surfaced on the internet.
  • It's circular.
  • This definitely seems like it could divide some opinions.

A concept showing off a circular Apple Watch has surfaced on the internet, and boy is it striking.

The concept comes from Phone Industry and was spotted by Yanko Design who state:

What could the Series 6 possibly do to be different from (and better than) the Series 5? A concept creator by the name of Phone Industry's envisioned a radically different, circular Apple Watch 6… because why not. It features a Samsung Galaxy-inspired circular body and dial, with a thin bezel around the edge, and a speaker grill at the very periphery of the dial. It also ditches the rotating crown for a more standard tactile button.

The video is a trailer concept for the Apple Watch Series 6, take a look!

Rumors about the next Apple Watch have been relatively quiet, particularly because of all the hype around Apple's next iPhones, and news dominated by the coronavirus outbreak in China. The most recent report we heard about an Apple Watch was the suggestion that Apple may be planning to release a (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch, however that was a Series 5 model.

The round watch model is not a new concept, either for standard watches or smartwatches. Samsung utilizes the round form factor very well in its Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup.

However, with five beautifully square iterations, Apple has really cemented the square design as part of the Apple Watch's identity, which makes us think that this idea will almost certainly remain a pipe dream. But that doesn't mean we can't ogle (or perhaps recoil in horror) at this concept. What do you think? Let us know below!

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