clear ispot 4g wimax for iOS iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Clear is now offering a small, rounded white box called iSpot that promises 4G WiMax hotspot action for iOS devices -- iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad -- for the very reasonable $29 a month.

iSpot is your very own 4G hotspot that lets you connect up to eight of your favorite Wi-Fi-enabled Apple mobile devices, giving you freedom to use Super Fast Mobile Internet™ on the go anywhere Clear has coverage. And major bragging rights over your friends who run their Apple devices over some old school connection.

If you're in an area that offers 4G WiMax and are in the market for a hotspot/MiFi type solution, it's certainly something to check out. Reportedly, the iOS-only restriction is via MAC address filter, so for network savvy types it could potentially be an even broader solution (though you'd have to check your TOS).

Anyone trying it out?