Clubhouse appSource: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore

What you need to know

  • Clubhouse has added a new Music mode to enable improved audio for musicians who stream.
  • The search bar has been moved to the top of the hallway.

Popular real-time voice chat app Clubhouse has been updated to add some new features, the first of which is designed to make the app a better option for people wanting to stream their music.

Music Mode, announced via blog post, gives musicians a new option that will enable higher quality audio as well as stereo sound whether listeners are using headphones or not.

Calling all musicians! Today we're introducing Music Mode, a new setting that helps you sound your best when performing on Clubhouse. Whether you're workshopping that new song, playing piano, or hosting a jam session with your friends, Music Mode optimizes Clubhouse to broadcast your music with high quality and great stereo sound. You'll also be able to use professional audio equipment for your performance, like external USB microphones or mixing boards.

Alongside that, Clubhouse says that it's moved the universal search bar to make it more accessibly following "amazing feedback from the community" about its recent introduction.

We've gotten some amazing feedback from the community about universal search and we want to make it even easier for you to find that creator that made you laugh, that language club to practice your speaking skills (hi Mohit!), or that room about the breaking piece of news that you just have to talk about right now. So in addition to some under the hood improvements, we're moving the search bar to the top of your hallway for easy access.

All of this is available to iPhone users right now, while Android will get the same changes "soon." Clubhouse can be downloaded from the App Store right now and it's free. It's arguably the best iPhone app pof its kind, so why not give it a try? Being able to hold real-time voice chats is pretty sweet indeed!

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